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Self-harmawareness training S

tatistics now show that 13% of all young people between the ages of 11-16 years

old are affected by self-harm and we estimate that the true figures are much higher. The scale of the problem has dramatically increased, and as the news reiterates, disclosure rates in schools and youth projects are only becoming more and more prominent. Many professionals and parents feel

overwhelmed by the issue of self-harm and are often unsure about how to effectively react to a disclosure or help a young person struggling; many feel they know little about the subject and often fear they will make the issue worse by responding in the wrong way. Our training events are specifically designed

for those working with young people aged 11- 19 years old in a variety of contexts including; education, health, local authorities, the voluntary sector, or parents with young people who are self-harming. Nonetheless, all course material is relevant and adaptable for those working alongside adults that self-harm too and we are able to offer bespoke training for organisations. Our vision is to see our training rolled out

comprehensively; to serve every part of the UK in supporting and nurturing those who may be experiencing difficulties with self-harm; equipping those who come into contact with young people to gain the skills and support those; encouraging them through the recovery process.

April 2015

Ultimately, we want to work towards lifting

the taboo of self-harm, to reduce the stigma that skill exists, expand understanding and make the road back to full health a little easier for those who are affected. The course opens up the discussion around

such a sensitive issue and provides an opportunity to gain a wider knowledge of what self-harm is and how to support young people as they begin their path to recovery. It will allow you to develop an understanding of the key steps to help young people reduce their harming; learning questioning skills that work with young people who self-harm and explore alternative coping strategies for young people who self-harm. Additionally, the course gives you an

understanding of the physical, emotional and psychological indicators of self-harm. This provides professionals and parents the sufficient knowledge to potentially identify self- harm in young people in the early stages and know the best ways they can support them, taking into account the effects that self-harm can cause to the individual. Through the course of the session you will

have an opportunity to develop a self-harm policy for your organisation and discover the legal obligations of those working with young people who self-harm. This can provide your organisation or team to feel more confident in knowing how to deal with a disclosure from a young person.

selfharmUK offers a range of training

sessions for those working with young people to develop an understanding, skills and confidence in this sensitive and difficult subject. Alongside our regional training we can deliver sessions at a venue of your choice at a time to suit you. We offer 3-hour and 6-hour workshops both designed for groups up to twenty-five, however, we do consider smaller or larger groups. If you’re interested in either our 3-hour or 6-

hour workshops, or require some more information, please get in touch via 39

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