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Improve PE, Sports and Safety with a Smooga

What’s a Smooga? Smoogas are portable Multi Use Games Areas - for playgrounds and playing fields. They can be any size, meaning that most sports and games can be played in a ‘Smooga’.

Exercise for young people with Sunshine Gym

Obesity is now acknowledged as a major problem in the UK. The National Obesity Forum recently quoted that half the UK population will be obese by 2030. Reports like this show how we need to provide additional free resources to run

alongside traditional sports and private health clubs. By introducing fitness equipment in schools can help to create a healthy attitude

towards fitness for future years. Lots of fun and easy to use equipment that will delight young minds and promote

a positive mind set towards exercise as they grow up. Sunshine Gym has increased the range to provide the widest choice of equipment

available today. Free site survey by Register of Play Inspectors International level II qualified

technicians. All equipment can be purchased using the PE and sport premium for primary

schools government funding programme. 15% discount on equipment by quoting ‘SCHOOLS 15’ when making an enquiry. Call for free site survey 01952 580520.

Are the children in your schools eating well and ready to learn? Is your catering service financially viable?

Massively subsidised by Government as a key part of the School Food Plan, Make school meals count is a support programme to help you attract more children to have school meals.

We’ll help you attract more children to eat well by choosing school meals.

Vital for children There’s a national obesity crisis and it’s affecting children. Unless they learn to eat a balanced diet,

their health and their lives are at risk. School meals give children the balanced

nutrition they need to learn and grow well. In fact, research shows that when children eat a school meal in a pleasant dining environment they can concentrate and learn better in the afternoon.

Vital for the financial viability of your catering service Did you know most school meals services are running at a loss? Economies of scale matter – higher demand means higher turnover and potential profit

We’ll help you boost turnover by attracting more children to choose school meals.

Make school meals count is for junior, secondary, academy, and free schools, and pupil referral units in the South East, South West and East of England. It’s led by the Children’s Food Trust, with

Food Dudes Health (for junior schools) and Elygra Marketing (for secondary schools).

What does a Smooga do for you? A smooga improves your PE environment, promotes skills development, higher levels of inclusion, fun, excitement and engagement. Smoogas remove conflicts in the playground, making better use of available space and creating safer environments for all.

How do you use your Smooga? Smoogas are used in schools all over the country for: Hockey, handball, football, movement and dance, scooting, drama, maths, roller-blading, cricket and much more.

How do we work? We have assembled every Smooga in the schools around the country so far. Wherever you are, we will help. We stand for integrity, honesty, approachability and fun.

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Visit or call 0114 299 6901 Make school meals count is supported by ParentPay and LACA (Lead Association for Catering in Education).

38 April 2015

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