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If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

- Mother Teresa

77176 HER BRILLIANT CAREER: Ten Extraordinary

Women of the Fifties by Rachel Cooke

Try to imagine a typical woman of the 1950s. What did you come up with? Probably a homely, compliant creature in pretty dress, apron and rubber gloves, with a smile lipsticked permanently across her face. This book shows the other side of the coin. It depicts ten

plucky and ambitious females who ushered in the era of the working woman and whose pioneering professional lives, led in tandem with complicated private lives, paved the way for future generations. They cover a wide range of occupations and many different types of women - all of them determined to succeed in their chosen professions. In the days when it was assumed that film directors and producers were men, Betty and Muriel Fox both went against the grain. Sheila van Damm became not only a theatre owner but a successful rally car driver in a sport peopled only by testosterone-fuelled males. Women were expected to do the cooking at home, but Patience Gray became a successful cookery book writer too. Alison Smithson succeeded as that unusual creature - a female architect. Rose Heilbron dominated the court as a Queen’s Counsel. Trouser-wearing rebels Nancy Spain and Joan Werner Laurie became respectively a journalist and an editor. Margery Fish was a famous plantswoman, and Jacquetta Hawkes an archaeologist. All showed what women could be capable of. 324 pages with timeline, illustrated in b/w with archive photos, plus articles on Fashion in the Fifties and list of Some Good and Richly Subversive Novels by Women, 1950-60. £18.99 NOW £6

77187 SHOP GIRLS by Ellee Seymour Step into a bygone era when courtesy and first-rate customer service was expected. Meet Eve, Irene, Betty and Rosemary, working for the exclusive department store Heyworth’s Fashions in Cambridge. Inside the elegant building, surrounded by luxurious dresses and beautiful accessories, the hardships of the girls’ own lives are temporarily

forgotten. Set during the closing years of World War Two and moving into the 1950s and swinging 60s, the book recreates the camaraderie and friendship and the thrilling hustle and bustle. Serving a variety of customers from glamorous gypsy queens to genuine royalty, and stuffy academics to the city’s fashionable élite, these bright young women can forge successful careers under the ever-watchful eye of flamboyant owner Mr Heyworth. 307pp in paperback. £7.99 NOW £4

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77130 IT WASN’T ME, SIR! The Childhood and Schooldays of Bernard Carter by Bernard Carter

In a style best described as verbal slapstick, this book recounts the young life of a boy, set in and around a new post-war estate in Derby, where during both day and night, the street was the main playground. In the early 50s, few people owned cars so there was

little chance of getting run over. You were probably more likely to have the seat of your trousers torn out by the mutinous dogs that roamed the area. At that time, punishment by teachers was widely encouraged. As well as suffering canings and slaps across the head, children spent their school days dodging flying chalk, airborne blackboard rubbers and other missiles. There was no escaping the trauma and misery of Sports Day, the mortifying experience of the Christmas nativity play or the ghastliness of a recorder concert - not to mention those horrifyingly painful (no anaesthetic) visits to the dentist that left you wishing you had been born with false teeth. As boys matured, more agony was piled on with sweethearts, girlfriends, lost loves, and ‘those bewildering early bumbling and fumbling forays into the unknown territory of a girl’s anatomy!’ Many readers will find this book strangely familiar. 190 paperback pages.

£9.99 NOW £5

77120 BATS IN THE LARDER: Memories of a

1970s Childhood by the Sea by Jeremy Wells

When 11 year old Jeremy Wells moved home with his family from a bustling London suburb to the Sussex Coast he was submerged into a place in which goats used public transport, buses waited for people, trains didn’t fit the stations and seeing a film was the last reason for going to the cinema.

And the neighbours were even stranger... A culture shock as the family moves to an ancient town by the sea that was just two hours yet two decades away from the capital. 256pp in paperback. £8.99 NOW £4


ROAD by Joyce Storey Born near Bristol in 1917, Joyce began her autobiography at the age of 66. It follows her pre-war life in Bristol, an era of corset and chocolate factories, of ‘service’ and glamorous silent movies. With a brilliant eye for the comic in the tragic, Joyce unfolds her experiences at school, her first job, her first love, and a mis-matched marriage and

motherhood. During the war, like countless other women with an RAF husband rarely on leave, she fights on the home front - air raids, in-laws, machine work and poverty. Then after the war, Joyce begins to enjoy the luxury of a prefab house, first holidays, the growing


One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


by Tamasin Day-Lewis When food critic Tamasin Day-Lewis discovered that her boyfriend Rob was “someone as greedy as I am” the two embarked on a worldwide quest for the most perfect, nuanced, quirky, memorable and simply gut- busting dishes that international cuisine could offer. This delightful memoir incorporates not only recipes

but also memories of encounters with the world’s literary figures that Tamasin met through her father, the poet laureate Cecil Day-Lewis. Rob is American and they start with his native cuisine, providing the reader with a recipe for New York Spicy Spare Ribs and a knockout Ratatouille. They meet Julia Roberts on Broadway and then join her for brunch with champagne. In Venice they moor at the city’s Michelin-starred Hotel Metropole and enjoy a wonderful Bigoli dish from a chef who is described as “an acrobat of flavours”. In Lyon, the pair are faced with a heart-rending choice between Lobster with Calf’s Head or Parmentier of Beef. Finally back in the U.K. for Christmas in Somerset, Tamasin finds that the glu?hwein, carols and general high spirits bring on a raging migraine, but alternative recipes to Christmas fare are available in Seafood Spaghetti and Tunisian Orange Cake. A hugely enjoyable read, with some poignant moments as Tamasin movingly reminisces about how Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Jane Howard took her father in during his last months. She remembers their kindness and Kingsley’s alcoholic breakfasts. 288pp. £16.99 NOW £5



Italian is the meal of choice for the 21st century, and with this no- nonsense book you can put a Mediterranean cuisine on your own kitchen table at a fraction of the price you would pay in a High Street trattoria. Although meat has

never played a dominant role in Italian cooking, some of the recipes here are meat classics, such as Crispy Chops with Potato Crust, Beef in Red Wine or Veal Escalope with Balsamic Vinegar. Poultry includes Lemon Chicken, Guineafowl with Orange and Grape Sauce and Duck in Red Wine Vinegar. With a focus on healthy eating, the book includes some exciting fish recipes, for instance Red Mullet with Fennel Seeds or Good Friday Soup, a simpler fish soup than a full bouillabaisse but equally piquant in flavour. Drowned Octopus or Soused Small Fish are regional classics, one from Naples and the other from Venice. Among the numerous pasta and pizza dishes are Focaccia with Cheese, Pasta with Sardines, Asparagus Risotto Ravioli with Fish and Shellfish and many others. Vegetables range from Mushroom and Parmesan Tart to Gonzaga Fennel Soup, adapted from a 15th century recipe. Full instructions and colour illustrations. 133pp, softback, colour drawings. £9.99 NOW £4

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by Michel and Albert Roux “Patisserie: an affair of the heart.” The concluding words of this gorgeous book sum up the combined passion and expertise the famous Roux brothers bring to their baking. All patisserie is based on certain key recipes and here we find

definitive ways to create shortcrust pastry for both savouries and sweets, brioche, savarin dough, flan base, puff pastry and choux pastry. The brothers are clear about why French bread is better than British: nothing goes into it but flour, water, salt and yeast. The base for creams and jellies is crème patisserie, or confectioner’s custard, while caramel, chocolate or praline sauce are also good staples. The recipe sections include tarts, cold and hot desserts, ice creams and sorbets, canapés and petits fours. Favourites such as Tarte au Citron come side by side with unusual dishes like Tarte al’ Coloche, (bubbly tart) which takes its name from the bubbling

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