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New generation of gutter cleaners

Filtering - rather than masking - bad odours

A new UK manufactured air filtration and fragrance system called ECOBreeze that filters out bad smells, rather than masking them, is now available. ECOBreeze is claimed to be the first air care product that

has a triple action system. First, it draws air through a dust fil- ter to remove all airborne dust particulate; air is then directed through a sophisticated carbon filter to extract smelly organic molecules; and finally the clean air passes over a wicking sys- tem that releases a fragrance, leaving the air clean, fresh and fragrant. Its attractive design makes it is suitable for all areas in all commercial premises. Kathleen Porter, managing director of ECOBreeze, said:

A new generation of high reach gutter cleaning equip- ment has been launched after five years of develop- ment by Spacevac Technolo- gies Ltd. Operated from ground

level, the new system has four major features: it re- moves operational guess- work as it comes with a close circuit TV camera on the cleaning head; it is claimed to reach higher than any other product - four storeys (14 meters); it has greater suction power - it will safely remove an engi- neering brick from a gutter; and its carbon fibre tubes make it much lighter. Ac-

cording to the manufacturer, it is 40% quicker to use and more effective than any other product. The Spacevac is powered

by a proven Nilfisk Alto vac- uum and the poles have a new locking system that en- sures no reduction in diame- ter at the joints, thus eliminating tube blockages. Unlike some traditional high reach gutter cleaners, the Spacevac is extremely light- weight and can be assem- bled on the ground by one person. Spacevac provides free UK

demonstrations, user train- ing, and next day delivery.

“During 20 years in the cleaning and FM sector I had continu- ous complaints from customers dissatisfied with air freshen- ers as they were only masking smells. I have spent seven years developing and extensively testing ECOBreeze. It has a UK patent and the unit is currently in major retail outlets, sports grounds, schools, offices, and leisure parks.” ECOBreeze also has strong environmental credentials. It

does not produce ozone, and does not leave irritants in the air or utilise aerosols canisters or batteries. ECOBreeze has a washable dust filter, recyclable fragrance container, and non- hazardous carbon filter. The unit and its consumables meet all the required UK regulatory standards.

ECOBreeze has a UK patent and the unit is currently in major retail outlets, sports grounds, schools, offices, and leisure parks.

Bed bug monitoring and detection service launched

The number of bed bug cases in the UK has more than doubled over the past six years, according to pest control experts, Rentokil Pest Control. Between 2007 and 2013, the number of bed bug treatments carried out in the UK by Rentokil Pest Control jumped by 108%, with London and the south east region experi- encing the highest number of cases. Increased fre- quency of foreign travel by UK nationals as well as vis- itors from overseas is be- lieved to have played a large role in this increase, with hotels and hostels being notorious hotspots for bed bug outbreaks. In the wake of the finan-

cial crisis, hotel and hospi- tality managers are very often expected to do more within a decreased budget, meaning that problems are sometimes not detected or dealt with as quickly as they should be. To help combat the number of infestations and protect businesses from the reputational damage that bed bug issues can bring, Rentokil Pest Control has launched a new service called ‘Bed Bug Monitor’ which is an early detection programme for bed bug ac- tivity. This monitoring service

uses a food-based lure which actively attracts bed bugs onto a sticky pad, pro- viding an early warning of

infestation. The lures are placed discreetly around the bedroom, such as under the bed or in suitcase storage areas and are serviced every six weeks by a Rentokil technician to check they are still effective. Bed bugs are virtually flat, and as a result can easily stow themselves away in the linings of suit- cases or underneath skirting boards. Each lure should be

checked daily by housekeep- ing staff to ensure that any activity picked-up is reported immediately to Rentokil, so that a treatment schedule can be implemented to com- bat the infestation before it spreads. As part of the Ren- tokil Bed Bug Monitor pack-

C&M is a proud supporter of the following associations and events:

age, Rentokil has devel- oped an online training course for housekeeping staff called ‘myLearning’, which has been specifically designed to educate cus- tomers on bed bugs, in- cluding how to find them, signs to look out for, and what to do in the event of an infestation being found. Rentokil’s Bed Bug Moni-

tor enables housekeeping staff to be the first line of defence in detecting bed bug activity and the online ‘myLearning’ training pro- gramme will ensure they know exactly what signs to look out for, and what to do in the event of an infesta- tion.

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