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Leafield Environmental has created amodern space- saving recycling unit that can be used as a single unit or in compact stackable groups. The EnviroStack was de-

signed for Bath Spa Univer- sity’s newly completed halls of residence which formpart of the landmark Learning Centre buildings which opened its doors lastmonth. Discreet and compact, Envi- roStack fits snuggly into the student kitchens and allows collection of up to four types of recycling in one flexible and stackable unit.

Space-saving recycling bin stacks up The ‘green’ answer to oil spills EnviroStack slimline units

have a capacity of 52 litres and can be used with or without plastic bags to help the university’s target to be- come ‘bagless’ to save money and increase recy- cling rates by 80% by 2016. EnviroStack is one of

many bespoke recycling so- lutions developed by Leafield to deliver the best solutions for clients’ diverse indoor and outdoor spaces while complementing the look and feel of many differ- ent locations.

Sorbentmaterial specialist, Oil-Dri, has launched a new 100% recycled absorbent floor granule product designed for oil spills. Oil-Dri Recycled ismade from100%recycledmaterial, such as waste plasterboard fromthe construction industry. The company says that its new granules are themost environ- mentally friendly available on themarket. Oil-Dri Recycled granules are perfect for absorbing all

kinds of oil and grease spillage and have been exhaustively tested to prove their suitability as an economical yet highly effective absorbent material - and they have delivered excep- tional results. Tracey Rudge, generalmanager of Oil-Dri, said: “We have

been working with gypsumsuppliers andmanufacturers for many years to develop ever improving solutions and alterna- tives to clay granules. Oil-Dri Recycled uses, principally, con- struction waste, so is an excellent way of recyclingmaterial that would otherwise go to landfill.”

‘School packs’ promote hand hygiene among young pupils

Torkmanufacturer SCA is giving out a limited number of ‘school packs’ designed to promote good hand hygiene practices among school chil- dren. Each pack will include a free-on-loan tablet device pre-loaded with a Tork app aimed at nursery and pri- mary school pupils. Ella’s HandWashing Adventure uses cartoon characters to teach children when they need to wash their hands, such as after playing outside and before eating. “Hand hygiene should be

learned at an early age so that good habits are in-

grained in children while they are still very young,” said SCA product and seg- mentmanager, Charlotte Branwhite. “By offering schools a tablet preloaded with our excellent app along with other supportmaterials, we are doing our bit to sup- port hand hygiene among children.” Posters, hand washing

guides, colouring sheets and crayons are included along- side the tablet in each Ella pack. Ella’s HandWashing Adventure, aimed at children aged three to seven, features Ella and her friends taking

dry their hands until all water droplets have been re- moved. Schools wishing to apply

part in games in the garden and playing with dough in the kitchen. Screen-prompts

after each activity encourage children to wash their hands. They are also prompted to

for a loan of a tablet pre- loaded with Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure should email Educational establishments that are already equipped with their own tablets can download the free Ella’s HandWashing Adventure app via the Apple app store or Google Play. The app works on both Apple iPads and Android tablets.

KärcherAcademyCleaning Tips: Deep, hygienic cleaningwithout the effort

In food production, health- care, and just about any en- vironment where hygiene is an intrinsic part of the daily routine,most contract cleanersmust encourage their staff to use chemicals and old-fashionedmethods likemanual scrubbing and scraping. The results can look acceptable, but often costs for detergent and labour aremuch higher than necessary, and the time to complete a thorough deep clean can be very long, or even need to be done at night. Staff are also put at risk when using strong chemicals and fromhard manual cleaning. This is where a steam

generating vacuumcleaner comes into its own. Steam vacs combine the functions and features of wet and dry vacuumcleaners with steamcleaners, and can significantly improve clean- ing results, reduce cleaning time, and even eliminate the

every use, significantly pro- longing the life of thema- chine and reducing the risk of problems associated with fat and grease build-up in- side hoses andmoving parts. The detergent function is ideal for deep cleaning of large areas like floors, or where a shine or fragrance is preferred. Because steamvacuums

need for detergent. Pres- surised steameasily pene- trates dirt and, if needed, the mechanical action of the ac- cessory removes stubborn grease and limescale, and then the vacuumfunction ex- tracts the dirt automatically. A good steamvacuumwill

leave hard floors, stainless steel, chrome, kitchen appli- ances, industrial systems, and glass hygienically clean and instantly dry, restoring

34 l C&M l NOVEMBER 2014 l

original finishes and surface textures and reducing slip hazards on floor surfaces. Kärcher’s new SGV 8/5

steamvacuumcleaner en- ters themarket thismonth with some new innovations never before seen on a steamvac, including a self- clean function and detergent option. The unique self- cleaning systemautomati- cally removes deposits inside the steamvac itself after

often need to be used in con- fined areas like kitchens and bathrooms, the SGV features a small footprint, and a high handle and large wheels make it easy tomanoeuvre in tight spaces. A 4msuction hose and water/steamand vacuumcontrols built in to the handle oftenmean that themachine can be left out- side the roombeing cleaned. Operating an SGV steam

vacuumcleaner is intuitive, with no need for special training. The accessories are integrated directly in or on themachine - protected against loss and dirt, well or-

ganised, and always within reach. Ventilation slots in the cover allow the acces- sories to dry completely after use. The tanks for fresh water and detergent are readily accessible and easy to carry for convenient filling and emptying. The eco!efficiencymode

reduces power consumption to reduce operating costs, and at the same time the noise level is lowered to 64 dB(A). Thismakes SGV steamvacuumcleaners ideal for use in noise-sensi- tive areas such as retirement homes and care facilities, canteens, and hotels. The new SGV steamvac

can dramatically reduce cleaning time and improve results, and provide effort- less deep cleaning that your staff will love. To find outmore about how Kärcher canmake a difference to the safety of your business, visit

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