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HughCrane (CleaningEquipment) Ltd The formula behindwarehouse cleanliness

Warehouses, through their very nature, are high risk locations and it is extremely important to ensure that suitable precautions are taken tomaintain and enhance safety. Nowhere is thismore important than by keeping floors clear of litter. Maintaining warehouse floors will ensure that the

working conditions are both safe and productive for those working within them. As warehouses have in- creased in size there is a demand for larger and more powerful cleaningmachines. Industrial and warehouse floor surfaces often

need to be dustproof, chemically resistant or non- slip and can bemade froma number of different substrates including concrete, painted concrete, polyurethane resin coatings, resin flooring, or as- phalt to name a few. Having the rightmachine to match the right surface is essential if the cleaning process is to be as efficient as possible. Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Ltd has a large

range of industrial floor cleaning equipment includ- ing scrubber driers and ride on sweepers tomeet the demands of all types of applications. One sweeper that is proving very popular at pres-

ent is the IPC Gansow 1404 ride-on sweeper. It is one of the larger rear loadingmodels in the range, with a 150 litre waste container and automatic rear lifting hopper that empties at the push of a button. The 80cmmain brush collects all debris fromgen- eral waste to stones and leaf litter. The fine dust that is created during the sweeping process is then fil-

tered through the large 6m² panel filter with auto- matic filter shaker to leave a dust free environment. The benefit of the No Dust in Curve (NDC) system

moves the side brushes when turning to collect all the dirt that is left withmost othermachines, reduc- ing the number of passes. The Self Leveling System (SLS) ensures constant brush pressure even on rougher surfaces. Thismachine is available is four models depending on the working environment. To compliment the sweeper, the IPC Gansow

CT100 scrubber drier is one of the largest walk-be- hind scrubber driers available in the UK. With a 100 litre solution tank and 110 litre recovery, the CT100 is ideal for cleaning warehouses and loading bays and is available in three scrubbing widths: 60, 70 and 85cm, being adaptable for any large cleaning environment. The brush pressure is fully adjustable, with an au-

tomatic brush deck to set the required cleaning force and all brushes and squeegee are removable without the need for tools. Even when fully loaded with 100kg of water the CT100 will still handle like the smallermodels, allowing any operator to use themachine effectively. With offices in Norwich and Peterborough, Hugh

Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Ltd is ideally positioned to service clients in East Anglia and theMidlands - although it supplies equipment throughout the UK. Working alongside some of the largestmanufactur- ers in the industry, including IPC Gansow, Numatic

and Soteco, it allows the company to offer state of the artmachines tomeet any demand, whatever size of business.With a comprehensive range of spare parts and continued support fromthe net- work, Hugh Crane can offer the service you would expect froma company established for over 30 years. Hugh Crane does not just supplymachines, how-

ever. The company also holds a comprehensive range of floor cleaning chemicals and janitorial products supplying your business with everything fromgloves to brushes and brooms specifically for the warehousing sector. Whether you requiremachines to clean ware-

houses, delivery and loading bays, industrial units or large storage yards, Hugh Crane will have ama- chine to suit.

Formore information please callWilliamCrane on 01493 688302 or visit thewebsite for the complete range

Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Ltd Head Office: SouthWalshamRoad, Acle, Norwich, NR13 3ES. Email: and

The formula behind warehouse cleanliness.


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Offering a comprehensive range of industrial sweepers, scrubber driers and warehouse cleaning equipment for sale or hire throughout the UK.

With over 30 years experience, we can use our expertise to recommend a cleaning solution to match your requirements and budget.

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