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 Sweepers andWarehouse Cleaning When one sweeper justwon’t do!

can also clean carpeted areas using an op- tional carpet kit. The SR1101 has the advantage of an on-

board vacuumsystem- perfect for when debris lurks in a corner or can be found above floor level. The operator can use the vacuumhose without stepping off thema- chine. The unit is compact andmanoeu- vrable with a 70 litre hopper providing for far less time spent emptying. Petrol and battery versions are available with the bat- tery version providing a run time of up to six hours on one battery charge. The SW4000 is an environmentally

friendly ride on sweeper available in bat- tery, LPG or petrol versions that has been designed for low total cost of ownership. The sweeper is gentle on the environment withminimised energy consumption, recy- clablematerials, dust control and a low noise level. ‘One touch sweeping’ provides for easy

Contract cleaning and facilitiesmanage- ment companies are often faced with the same dilemma. How best to clean a large facility withmyriad different cleaning re- quirements coupled with time, labour and budget constraints? The autumn is understandably a difficult

time of the year, decaying leaves are every- where. Demanding clients are unlikely to accept unswept surfaces, not tomention the health and safety risk associated with wet leaves. Having a range of sweepers on hand to cope with all eventualities is ideal but do allmanufacturers have a full range and what are the latest advancements in sweeper design?

Manual sweeping

There is still a place for amanual sweeper that will sweep five times faster than a tra- ditional broom.Machines like the Nilfisk SM800 are very easy to transport in a car and are ideal for congested areas inside or out. The SM800 easily picks up paper, leaves and even small screws and bolts. Definitely a cleaningmachine cupboard staple.

Walk behind sweepers

Walk behind sweepers are also a staple and are available in battery powered or petrol options. The SW750 fromNilfisk-Ad- vance is battery powered and is exception- ally quiet at only 59 dB(A). An onboard charger saves time and the

unit will run up to two hours on a hard floor. A petrol version is well suited to outdoor sweeping, the SW900model having the ad- vantage of a 1050mmsweeping width with two side brooms.

Ride on sweepers

Ride on sweepers provide formuch in- creased productivity and are available with bothmanual and hydraulic dump systems. Smallermodels like the Nilfisk SR1000S

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The Nilfisk SW8000 is the largest of the heavy duty sweepers and provides a two metre sweeping path.

and safe operation with economy inmind. All functions -main broom, side brooms and vacuumfan - are activated and termi- nated simultaneously by the accelerator pedal so that no brooms or fans are left running unnecessarily when the sweeper stands still. Themachine has also been de- veloped to limit the number of consumable parts - for example, the side brooms are not belt driven, reducing the need for un- necessarymaintenance. Maintenance is extremely easy with no

tools needed for broomand filter removal, and easy access to all components allows for fastmaintenance and service all round. Foamfilled wheels add to reliability and comfort by not going flat or needing refills.

Heavy duty sweepers

There are some people who say that they don’t make them like they used to but they are wrong! Right at the top end of the scale are machines like the Nilfisk SR2000, a serious approach to heavy duty debris. The SR2000 has a working width of 1670 mm and a climbing rate of 21%. Importantly, the SR2000 can carry over 800kg of debris and will dump to a height of 152cm. A high temperature warning light indicates when hot debris has been swept into the hopper, a perfect solution for warm cigarettes that present a fire hazard. The Nilfisk SW8000 is the largest of the

heavy duty sweepers and provides a two metre sweeping path, the widest available in the industry today. The unit is perfect for sweeping large areas including car parks, warehouses and factory floors and comes in diesel and LPG versions. A one touch control system shortens operator training time whilst the clear view of the working zone improves safety all round.

DustGuardmisting system

Sweepermodels are available with or with- out the Nilfisk trademarked DustGuard misting system. The systemconstantly sprays a very finemist of water over the brushes to suppress air borne dust. Dust is visually improved with washable panel fil- ters ensuring dust free sweeping through- out. Brilliant results in one easymove

Vax Commercial’s ride-on scrubber dryer gives you first class cleaning results in just one pass.

Keeping warehouse floors clean is not just aboutmaintaining a pro- fessional image, it’s also amatter of safety and hygiene. Sticky or slippery patches can be hazardous for warehouse staff, so it’s vital that they’re dealt with quickly before accidents occur. Vax Commercial ride-on scrubber dryers are an ideal solution for removing tough dirt fromfloors as they are quick, efficient and can cover large areas with minimumeffort. They wash and dry hard floor surfaces in one easy move, helping to remove potential slip hazards and keep floors look- ing their best. The VCSD-05 ride-on scrubber dryer has a cleaning range of up to

The VCSD-05 ride-on

scrubber dryer.

3250m2/hr and up to three hours run time, so it’s suitable for clean- ing warehouse floors. As it has such a small footprint, you can easily turn tight corners,manoeuvre around obstacles and clean between narrow rows of racking. Its V-shaped squeegee picks up right up to the edges, so it collectsmore water and leaves floors clean and dry, even when steering. Operating at less than 70dB(A) it’s also very quiet in use, so it can be used during daytime hours without creating a dis- turbance. “When people andmachinery are working together in a confined space it’s essential that cleaning equipment is

both safe and easy to operate,” said Vax Commercial’s senior productmanager, Brian Davis. “The VCSD-05 has a user-friendly control panel with variable speed, vacuumand water-flow controls,making it easy tomanoeuvre and park. It has a range of safety features, such as the automatic shut-off that stops themachine and brushes when the unit is stationary. There’s also a flashing light and audible reverse warning that alerts other users nearby.” The data card and LED charge indicators let you know exactly howmuch power you’ve got left and you can

monitor how the unit has been used. This way you can see if themachine has been charged correctly each time, therebyminimising the risk of incomplete charging and reducing the battery life. “Despite its size, the tank has a large capacity of 80 litres, giving it the coverage you’d expect froma biggerma-

chine,” added Davis. “When used with our Scrubber Dryer Detergent, it removes tough dirt and stains including grease, dried oil andmud. Available in a five litre concentrate, this high performance detergent leaves a streak- free finish on all types of hard floors including concrete, ceramic and tiles.”

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