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The winner of the Service Delivery Innovation of the Year category at the 2013 Golden Service Awards.

A webinar exploring whether facilitiesmanagers are using performancemanagement tomaximumeffect has re- vealed that the approach is only just beginning to be recognised as a valuable part of the strategic FMfunction. Just 38%of themore than 300 delegates who signed up for the webinar, hosted by FMsoftware provider Service Works Group in collaboration with the Facilities Show, be- lieves that their organisa- tion’s approach to performancemanagement in FMenables themto im- prove their supplier perform- ance significantly. Notably, 18% do not meas-

ure performance at all, and 8% even feel that it has had a negative effect on perform- ance and that results have been contested by suppliers. However, the benefits of well-executed performance management could be on the horizon as 37% of webi- nar attendees reported that they are currently in the early stages of implementing per- formance management strategies and are awaiting the results. Organisations are also

changing the way they define their FM service expectation, with the trend for the output defined specification, rather than input specification, ris- ing. 9% of delegates, polled during the webinar, use only input specs while 30% use

being broadly used as in- tended. The new concept for using

gain-share contracts to split the proceeds of successful business, incentivising FM suppliers to drive change on outsourced services and re- warding them based on the level of saving received by the client, has seen a rea- sonable industry take-up with 29% using gain-share contracts or similar and an- other 11% considering using them in the future. In relation to technology in

the FM environment, the growing trend for self-ser- vice was evident as con- firmed by 33% of webinar attendees, although 53% are still using manual methods to manage contractor and in-house performance with only 8% using a mobile app for that purpose. The audience polls were

output specifications. There are advantages and disad- vantages with both methods, indicated by the fact that 61% use a combination of the two. There is a general lack of

understanding and agree- ment surrounding the stan- dard measures for FM industry performance. 30%

of attendees believe that service level agreement (SLA) and key performance indicator (KPI) acronyms are confusing, 14% consider that SLAs are too loosely defined, and 24% think that organisa- tions are hampered by too many KPIs. Only 31% agree that the measurements are

part of the 45-minute-long webinar hosted by Service Works and chaired by Cathy Hayward, deputy chair of the BIFM London region. It fea- tured a panel of experts from the facilities management profession - Debra Ward, managing director for Macro; Tristam Slater, con- tracts and performance manager at King’s College London; international FM and organisational strategist Dave Wilson; and Mark Kirkham, director of Service Works Group.






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