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moval technology is enabling operating companies to continue producing by re- moving the sand fromthe separation process without the need for a platform shutdown.” It also reduces risk by getting rid of the

need for operators to go into confined spaces. The principle of online vessel cleaning

centres on inserting a water pressure hose into the belly drains of a separator to flu- idise formation sand so that it is able to flow out of the vessel using the vessel's own production pressure. A sealing gland systemis used tomaintain systemintegrity when the vessel's in-situ valves are opened and the hose inserted. The gland is de- signed to withstand a high axial pressure

differential, created when the vessel drain isolation valves are opened and the vessel is live. Sand is transferred through steel conduit

pipework to the Syphonvac sandmanage- ment unit where the flow ofmaterial is controlled. Thematerial flowing into the Syphonvac is dispensed into an airflow cre- ated by the Cape ESO Sludgevac airflow system, thematerial being deposited into collection skips by the Sludgevac system for processing which can include chemical treatment,maceration and overboard dis- posal. Cape Environmental Services Offshore

has deployed Syphonvac for several addi- tional international operators including Shell UK E&P, Hess Ltd, and Nexen Inc.

A systemthat enables cleaning to take place on North Sea installations without disrupting production and without the risk to operators achieved a jointwin in the Service Delivery Innovation of the Year category for Cape Environmental Services in the 2013 Golden Service Awards.

GSA 2015:Gold sponsorship announced

The 2015 Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Award organiser has announced Diversey Care as its gold sponsor. The company is a division of Sealed Air Corporation. Serving customers in 175 countries in the building care,

hospitality, healthcare, government, and education sectors. Diversey Care is a global leader in food safety and se- curity, facility hygiene, and product protection. This is the fourth consecutive year Diversey Care will be the event’smain sponsor, which involves a host ofmar-

keting opportunities plus category sponsorship of the Environmental Awareness Award. Rob Lowe,marketing manager UK and Ireland, Kimberly-Clark Professional, said: “We are delighted Diversey Care has opted for Gold sponsorship for a fourth time.” Deborah Bland, sectormarketing lead BSC UK and Ireland, Diversey Care, said: “We are committed to being a Gold sponsor due to the prestige these awards hold in the cleaning and FMindustries.”

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