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Sofia, 12 August 2014

Civil Aviation Section Conference REPORT

The Civil Aviation Section Conference took place on 12 August 2014 to consider the following agenda: Agenda Item 1: Election of Rapporteur, Scrutineers and Tellers

Enrique Carmona, (FSC-­‐CCOO, Spain) Rapporteur. Dario Castillo (Chile) and Christina Weber (Germany) were elected Scrutineers. Juan Nuñez (Spain) and George Turkiey (Lebanon) were elected Tellers.

Agenda Item2: Congress Theme Document

The global assault on transport workers throughout the world continues at an unprecedented pace. Transport corporations and the governments they control are seeking to eliminate the right of workers to form a union and engage in collective bargaining. They are also seeking to remove much needed health and safety regulations and prohibitions against discrimination.

The Conference recognises this assault on transport workers and stresses the urgent need to respond to these assaults with innovative tactics and strategies that result in immediate and long-­‐term action oriented programs.

In adopting the Congress theme document, as presented, delegates to the Conference urged the Secretariat and the entire sections to:

• Raise our voices even louder to raise fundamental human rights and other labour matters before all international and domestic regulatory bodies, such as ICAO and the ILO. We will never tolerate any policies or regulations that can have a negative impact on any worker classifications.

• Demand safety and health for air transport workers in all agreements and international forum and the right for workers to bring unsafe conditions to management without fear of retaliation.

• Promote successful union anti-­‐violence campaigns to provide positive work practices to other unions/countries to eliminate violence and human trafficking.

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