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Sofia, 14 August 2014

Women Transport Workers’ Conference REPORT

The Women Transport Workers’ Conference took place on 14 August 2014. Opening ceremony

Diana Holland, Chair of the ITF Women Transport Workers’ Committee (UNITE the Union, UK) welcomed all participants to the conference and thanked Ekaterina Yordanova and the FTTUB for hosting congress, in particular as it is led by a woman.

Stephen Cotton, ITF Acting General Secretary welcomed participants to the conference. He confirmed the commitment to the women’s work programme and unconditional support for the say no to violence against women campaign.

Ekaterina Yordanova, FTTUB, Bulgaria, introduced the speakers from Bulgaria.

Margarita Popova, Vice President of Bulgaria welcomed the participants and encouraged women to take active roles in unions, to support each other for leadership positions and to strive together for peace, which will not be achieved without social justice.

Jordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia welcomed participants and stated how teamwork and good partnerships can bring good results for women. She highlighted the ‘say no to violence’ campaign and the ‘bridge of love’, as well as how they have worked with the FTTUB to support women in the city transportation.

Ann Anderson (CCWU, Guyana) nominated Diana Holland as rapporteur for the conference. Holland introduced Ann Anderson and Kalthoum Barkallah as the vice chairs of the women’s committee, Brigitta Paas as the women’s vice president, Alison McGarry, ITF women’s coordinator and Jodi Evans, ITF assistant women’s coordinator.

Agenda Item 1: Election of Rapporteur

Diana Holland (UK) was elected Rapporteur. Monique Verbeeck and Saki Riswan (India) were elected Scrutineers. Terri Mast, (USA) and Susan Ayoyi (Kenya) were elected Tellers.

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