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Sofia, 13 August 2014

Joint Seafarers’ and Dockers’ Conference REPORT

The Joint Seafarers’ and Dockers’ Conference took place on 13 August 2014. Agenda Item 1: Election of Rapporteur Lena Dyring, NSU, Norway was elected Rapporteur. Agenda Item2: Four Year Work Programme

The Chair introduced the Congress Theme Document ad section priorities and informed the Conference it was their responsibility to determine the way forward and the work to be carried out over the next four years.

Many speakers from the floor discussed the work plan and priorities for the next four years and the Conference adopted the related priorities for 2014-­‐2018, as detailed below:

FOC Campaign • Completed at least two major joint maritime organising and/or campaigning initiatives getting seafarers more active in their unions Effective implementation of MLC

• Seafarers’ pay and conditions improved through increased coverage under ITF agreements and continuing dialogue with key industry players • Mexico City Policy being implemented

Inspectorate Review Implementation • Improved secretariat support for the inspectorate • Have in place measurement and mentoring of ITF inspectors and coordinators • Tools in place to manage under-­‐performance of ITF inspectors and coordinators • Have in place new selection and appointment procedures for ITF inspectors and coordinators • Established FOC/POC Campaign Coordinating Committees, where possible

FOC – POC Interface • FOC-­‐POC strengthened at all levels; local, national, international • 2 targeted FOC-­‐POC organising initiatives activating seafarers and dockers delivered

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