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Growth needn’t stifle sustainability agenda

AVIATION IS vital to UK plc – a crucial sector in its own right, supporting one million jobs, £50bn GDP and more than £8bn in Treasury revenues. It also helps sustain this country’s tourism sector – three in four inbound tourists come to the UK by air, while the outbound tourism economy, hugely dependent on aviation, plays a key part in securing 2.5 million tourist jobs in the UK. As the country builds on the


Last week, we wanted to know if you thought new security rules would discourage Brits from flying?

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recovery, aviation and tourism will need to expand to enable it to play its part in generating economic growth and provide the links to existing and emerging markets so we can compete in the “global race”. Yet there is often a perception among policymakers and the public that growth in aviation will mean a rise in carbon emissions and noise. This perception is misguided. In 2005, UK aviation organisations



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– airlines, airports, aircraft and engine manufacturers and air traffic service providers Nats – forged a world-first coalition – Sustainable Aviation (SA) – enabling the sector to work to deliver “cleaner, quieter, smarter” flying. In 2012, SA produced a carbon roadmap, which showed how aviation can increase its air traffic movements (ATMs) by 90% to 2050 without any significant increase

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Darren Caplan, chief executive, Airport Operators Association

in carbon emissions, thanks to newer fleets, better operational measures, increasing sustainable fuels uptake and carbon trading. Then in 2013, SA launched its noise roadmap, which showed how aviation can grow – again by 90% ATMs to 2050 – without raising noise output, thanks to newer, quieter planes, better routing of aircraft and ensuring land use planning policies are geared to improving where houses, schools and hospitals are built close to airports. Following on from this, by the end

of this year SA will launch a sustainable fuels roadmap, which will

show how the development of sustainable aviation fuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions over fossil kerosene, while also meeting stringent sustainability standards and avoiding land use change (such as tropical deforestation). The ambition for sustainable aviation fuels will only be realised, however, if the UK government takes steps to remove barriers to the development of these new technologies, to reduce investor risk in bringing the technology to commercial scale, stimulate the market and level the playing field with fuel incentives in other sectors. It is clear that with the sector, government and suppliers working together, sustainable fuels could be – as Willie Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group, says – the “silver bullet” to enable accelerated sustainable growth in our sector. And so, it is evident that aviation

can grow and deliver on carbon and noise issues – and we hope that policymakers and the public will see this too. The challenge for the sector is to deliver “cleaner, quieter, smarter” flying now and in the years ahead, creating vibrant aviation and tourism sectors in the UK while also leading the world on that all-important sustainability agenda.

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