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l to take part in the Travel Trade Crusade. Seventeen Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Switzerland in aid announced at a ceremony near Disneyland Paris

Day 1 – Bavarian; Day 2 – Crusaders; Day 3 – The Flintstones. Funniest moment: There were two that spring to mind. The first was when we decided to go skipping through a cornfield dressed as Bavarians. The second was when we visited a castle in our Crusader garb. People started taking pictures of us and asking if we were real knights.

The Bright Sparks’ mad professors on Day 2 The Crusade ensemble Mime artistry from the Bright Sparks on Day 3 The Big ‘O’ go Bavarian on Day 1

The Kids Club Team members: Kim Romanski (Romanski) Cecily Barton (Romanski) Tim Locke (Mark Warner) Polly Ashman (Mark Warner) Why did you want to take part?We heard from colleagues how amazing it was last year – one industry friend said it was the best travel industry trip they’d ever done. How could we not join in after that comment? What charity were you competing for? Rays of Sunshine – a children’s charity that helps children who are living with serious or life-limiting illnesses. So far we have raised £1,043 ( Fancy dress outfits: Day 1 – Kids’ club reps Day 2 – Suns Day 3 – Clowns Funniest moment: We were running out of petrol and the radiator was overheating at same time. The engine died as we turned into a motorway parking bay, with smoke coming out of the cab and steam out of the bonnet. The steering wheel locked so we coasted in and Tim shouted: “Everyone out! It’s gonna blow!” You’ve never seen four people jump out and scatter so quickly. At the same time lightning struck, thunder crashed and the heavens opened. It was like the end of the world.

More coverage from the Travel Trade Crusade in next week’s TTG To see more pictures from the rally, go to

#toottoot @ChrisStosWright 15miles to go to Calais and the gearbox decides to finally give up... Can we limp the old girl through! eek... @ttcrusade @hollie_days Crusaders we’ve just collected £150 just by sitting at the port #sogenerous #awesome @travelchief Toll toll toll toll... I hope the Frenchies appreciate our donations to

border! @ChrisStosWright Ironically the gear we haven’t managed to find all weekend is the only one tht now works... 8 miles in second? @DemiGirling Being up this early -year bucket list I think. Well done folks!@LBAHX The end is in sight! Last 20 odd miles!!!! C’mon car move it, move it! The HX party can’t start without us!

17.07.2014 21


And the winners are…

1ST PLACE: Super Mario Brothers & Sisters! (below) (Holiday Extras – Team 1)

2ND PLACE: Sunvil Inferno (Sunvil)

SPECIAL AWARD: British Boys Club (Designate)

BEST CAR: Toy-Tastic (Jayne Peirce Recruitment)

BEST TEAM: The Big ‘O’ (If Only)


THE DAY TWO DAILY CHALLENGE: Super Mario Brothers & Sisters!


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