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Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.

- Charles Dickens

75092 WITS AND WIVES: Dr Johnson in the Company of Women

by Kate Chisholm Samuel Johnson was a large ungainly man and his love of women’s company was not that of a philanderer, even though he took the prostitute Poll Carmichael home when she collapsed in the street from exhaustion and malnutrition. Johnson had around 85 women in

his extended circle of friends, and their conversation would range from recipes for gooseberry tart to the extraordinary sight of a hot-air balloon over Lambeth. Johnson’s wife Tetty was old enough to be his mother, and those who knew her dismissed her as a ‘painted puppet’, an unsuitable wife for the scholar who boasted that he had tamed the English language single handed with his great dictionary, but Johnson was distraught at Tetty’s death in 1752. His women friends were mainly intellectuals like Elizabeth Carter, who translated the works of the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus, and Mary Wollstonecraft, the campaigner for the rights of women who shared Johnson’s high value for the pleasures of friendship. Another blue-stocking was Hannah More, campaigner for the abolition of slavery. Johnson’s long-term friend Hester Thrale was the recipient of his confidences as she herself faced the deaths of six of her children. This fascinating book tells the stories of eight women who were important in Johnson’s life and assesses their contribution to the historic cause of women’s independence. 291pp, colour photos.

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74574 MAID AND THE QUEEN: The Secret History of Joan of Arc

by Nancy Goldstone If you enjoy double-crosses, ambushes, bizarre personal obsessions, lunacy and naked self- interest, they are in abundance here. In a fast-paced, dual biography of two fascinating medieval women, weaving together the labyrinthine intrigues of medieval politics, here is the real

story behind a fairy tale, and the astounding events that led a young woman to a fiery death. Joan of Arc, the peasant girl who heard the voices of angels telling her to raise an army and go to the aid of the Dauphin, astonished her contemporaries and continues to intrigue us today. Until now, her relationship with Yolande of Aragon, mother-in-law to the Dauphin has been little understood. Here, the author solves the mystery by showing that, if you pry open the Queen’s secrets, you will find the Maid’s. Just when French hopes of restoring the Dauphin to the throne were at their lowest, a young woman arrived, leading an army. But how was she to gain an audience with the King? Was it God’s hand that moved her, or was it also Yolande of Aragon’s? A thrilling 296 paperback pages illustrated in b/w with maps, extended genealogy.

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HANDMAID: Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III by Hester Davenport

Queen Charlotte is reported to have said to Doctor Burney: ‘O! your daughter is a very extraordinary genius indeed!’ A Mrs Thrale is reputed to have opined: ‘Miss Burney looks so meek, and so quiet - nobody would suspect what a comical Girl she is - but I believe

she has a great deal of malice at Heart’. Elsewhere, she was described as ‘the silent, observant Miss Fanny’. Readers will probably deduce from these remarks that the Keeper of the Robes to the Queen was an unusually perceptive and complex woman, and so - in this riveting book - she seems to be. Peeping into her letters and journals, readers witness the turbulent goings-on of the King’s reign, the trial of Warren Hastings, the ‘uninterruptedly terrible’ madness of the King and Fanny’s ‘joy amounting to extacy’ (sic) when he finally recovered. Her time at Court is vividly described, as is her personal life, in particular the sad tale of her courtship and jilting by the Queen’s Vice-Chamberlain, Stephen Digby, and her fame as a novelist. A Georgian heroine brought to life in 240 pages with illustrations in b/w.

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74725 SISTER QUEENS: The Noble, Tragic Lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana, Queen of Castile by Julia Fox

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In an age when the greatest sin, it seems, was to have been born a woman, here is a remarkable reflection on the conflict between ambition and loyalty, as well as a gripping tale of love, duty and sacrifice. Looking through the lens of their Spanish origins, the author

reveals these queens as flesh-and-blood women equipped with character, intelligence and conviction. When they were young, the futures of the Sister Queens appeared promising, but the unions for which they had spent their whole lives preparing were fraught with duplicity and betrayal. Juana’s authority was continually usurped by her husband, her father and her son. Katherine, the first queen of King Henry VIII of England, was cruelly tossed aside in favour of his mistress Anne Boleyn. Ousted from the positions of power and influence they had been groomed for, and separated from their children, both Katherine and Juana turned to their rich and abiding faith and deep personal belief in their family’s dynastic legacy, in order to cope with their enduring hardships. A moving story of the spirit and resilience of two women fearfully abused in a cruel, male world. 454 pages with plates in colour and b/w, genealogical tables, map.

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74727 SOCRATES: A Man For Our Times by Paul Johnson

Cicero said: ‘Socrates was the first to call Philosophy down from the skies… and force her to investigate ordinary life, ethics, good and evil’. Yet, paradoxically, he left no writing of his own. What we know of his ideas we know from the works of his student Plato and other contemporaries. Nonetheless, what

these reports tell us is as important today as it was in 5th century BC. His credo was that how each of us chooses to live and die has great meaning. If your life and actions are constantly examined, a philosophy of


Time will reveal everything. It is a babbler, and speaks even when not asked.

- Euripides 75030 TITANIC: The Last

Night of a Small Town by John Welshman

What was it like for the ordinary people caught up in the Titanic disaster? Most books have concentrated either on rich and glamorous first class passengers or the very poor people seeking a new life in the New World. This study, one of the few written by a professional historian, takes eight

survivors and looks at the experience in the context of their lives as a whole. Also included are Herbert Lightoller, the Second Officer whose story dominated the book and film A Night to Remember, the Assistant Wireless Operator Harold Bride, and Arthur Rostron, the captain of the Carpathia which came to the rescue of the Titanic. The featured passengers include nine-year old Frank Goldsmith, travelling in third class with his parents to start a new life in Detroit where his father would look for work as a lathe operator; Elin Hakkarainen, a Finnish domestic servant emigrating with her new husband Pekka; Colonel Archibald Gracie, an amateur military historian travelling first class, and seven year old Eva Hart, emigrating with her parents to Winnipeg. Eva and her mother were separated on the lifeboats, while Elin Hakkarainen in Lifeboat 15 shouted for her husband and watched in terror as the Titanic stood straight up and disappeared without suction. Both Archibald Gracie and Herbert Lightoller in different boats organised the passengers to keep shifting their weight to avoid being submerged. Meanwhile Arthur Rostron aboard the Carpathia received news of the disaster with disbelief. 324pp, photos.

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ENGLAND by Lotte Hellinga The first book to be printed in England came off a small press in Westminster in 1476, a full 20 years after the process had been invented on the Continent. Recuyell of the Histories of Troye was a translation by printer William Caxton featuring red text, with spaces left for

decorations. This study focuses closely on the first 60 years of printing in England, a period dominated by Caxton, Wynkyn de Worde, and Julian Notary. Most histories of printing break the story around 1500, but the author argues that 1535 is a more natural break, when the death of de Worde coincided with new legislation designed to restrict the activities of aliens in the book trade. The authorities recognised that the printing press had been responsible for the rapid spread of Protestantism and it was hoped that immigration restrictions could halt this. Starting with Gutenberg’s Bible, this volume reproduces pages from a huge range of early printed books. Caxton’s first major book was Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and at the behest of his patron Margaret of York he completed a number of translations. Pynson printed works dedicated to Arthur, Prince of Wales, and enjoyed Margaret Beaufort’s patronage. Wynkyn de Worde took on the printing of Boccaccio, and Julian Notary specialised in two-colour printing, producing a beautiful edition of Erasmus. Designed for both the specialist and general reader, this study is an important contribution to the history of the book trade. 212pp, bibliography, numerous reproductions. British Library Publishing, 24 x 17 x 2.5cm.

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NILE by Aidan Dodson From the unification of the Kingdom around 3000BC until the extinction of the true Egyptian rulers with the death of Darios III of the 31st Dynasty in 332BC, here is a concise account of the lives and times of those demigods who sat upon the Egyptian throne during a period when its civilisation represented the high point of man’s achievements.

In all there were some 180 rulers many of whom, from the earliest years, are barely known. Others, such as Thutmoses III and Rameses II, had a massive impact upon their time and were remembered by their people even as their civilisation collapsed over 1,000 years later when Alexander the Great’s conquest saw the beginning of the Hellenistic Period. Then there were those, such as Tutankhamun, who were unremarkable in their lifetime and quickly forgotten by their people, only to burst back into popular culture thousands of years later due to the labours of modern archaeologists, and there are also


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Wexford Mysteries: Set of 4

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