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and dry floors effortlessly in a single pass, leaving floors instantly dry and useable – improving appearance and keeping your premises safe. The machines also feature a vacuum- off function for deep cleaning very dirty floors or stubborn stains, as well as a range of quick-change brushes to best suit each floor type – meaning one machine can be used for numerous tasks within a facility and, with Kärcher’s colour coded brushes, protecting against cross contamination is simple.

Eliminating the need to push, walk-behind scrubber driers like the B 40 W have a powered drive. Strong, fast and flexible, these scrubber driers ensure your floors are perfectly clean. Kärcher’s unique KIK intelligent key system enables supervisors to set individual parameters such as cleaning speed and detergent dosing for each operator, giving considerable whole life cost savings and minimising the risk of user error.

For larger areas, the space-saving yet rugged B 150 ride on scrubber drier is ideal. Newly launched this February, the B 150 is perfect for arenas, warehouses and industry. Exemplifying Kärcher’s ethos that solutions are application-specific, it allows customers from various sectors significant scope to configure the machine to their precise needs. The compact battery-powered machine is highly manoeuvrable and has an outstanding maximum area performance of up to 9,000m² an hour. Configuration options include automatic detergent dosing, a tank rinsing system and additional side brushes.



The time-saving and error-proofing features built into the B 150 are typical of Kärcher’s innovative approach to design. As well as the KIK system, it also includes an optional Electronic Dosing Device feature to save time, prevent errors mixing detergent ratios and enabling an immediate response to different degrees of soiling, even mid-operation. The Auto-Fill function allows customers to leave the fresh water tank filling process unsupervised while they get on with

other tasks, safe in the knowledge that the water flow will automatically shut off once the maximum filling level is reached.

In a technology transfer from the scrubber drier range, the innovative Kärcher CV 60/2 RS is a step-on vacuum for both carpets and hard floors. The standing operating position gives users superb all- round visibility, delivering effortless high performance. Boasting very simple controls and a tiny 0.72m2 footprint, the machine is extremely manoeuvrable and fits easily through standard doorways and into lifts. The CV 60/2 RS enables users to move between different floor surfaces without the need to change accessories or even stop the machine. Kärcher vacuums are also available as tough yet agile upright machines including the CV 38/2 which combines high suction power with an electrically-driven brush, making it ideal for removing stubborn dirt particles from carpet fibres.

Keeping presentation standards high is easy with Kärcher. The broad Kärcher range means machines are available with a wide range of features to ensure operational needs are perfectly met. For example, the KM 70/20 C is a low cost way of keeping your business well- presented and safer for visitors. This simple, effective push sweeper offers a much more thorough way of sweeping indoors or out, generates less dust and is significantly faster than a broom. However, should you want more, Kärcher solutions extend to walk-behind sweepers, ride-on sweepers (with a choice of battery, petrol or diesel power) and finally, multifunction city sweepers, which are a sweeper, mower, snow mover, gritter and a utility vehicle in one; with Kärcher, cleaning need never be a chore again.

To find out more about how Kärcher can make a difference to your business, please visit or call 01295 752142.


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