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groceries, is looking to work with travel agency groups. The goods can be delivered to clients’ holiday destinations, ready for their arrival, and upon their return home. “It sounds too good to be true,”

‘Let us do your shopping’ H

A Swiss supplier is targeting the trade with its service providing essential holiday items to clients. Bojan Jokic, co-founder of epteca, tells Chloe Cann how it works

oliday essentials supplier epteca, which provides customers with travel- related goods and

needs are evolving,” says Jokic. “One surprise success has been toys such as buckets, spades and inflatables delivered in the destination.” “It’s about finding the right time

says Bojan Jokic, chief executive and co-founder of Swiss-based epteca. “We provide an end-to-end service that gives agents the potential to earn extra revenue by offering their clients retail products they need and want for their holiday, through the right channels and at just the right moment. We do all the hard work with integration and selling – it is pure profit for agents,” he adds. Items include everything from bread

and milk to nappies and adaptor plugs. “We have a range of products available and the product list is expanding all the time as customers’

for the customer, not when the agent has time to sell it,” Jokic says. “During the average booking nobody’s thinking ‘I need an adaptor’, however, they might think about it one to two weeks before they leave. It’s about offering relevant travel products, and the unique way we sell is based on the time when the customer is thinking about it.” Holidaymakers need and want

these additional services, says Jokic, who adds that the travel trade is perfectly positioned to sell them, and it allows agents to have further interaction with clients post-sale. Once agency groups have signed up

to work with epteca, agents can use a white-label version of epteca’s system to send communications to clients at the right time, which anticipate their

needs. Epteca’s system can predict what a family going to Tenerife might need, and exclude irrelevant products. The emails also provide details of weather at the destination, a holiday countdown and foreign exchange rates.

Splitting commission Epteca does not charge agents a fee for the set-up, and any commission paid by the retailer when a product is purchased is split between the agent and epteca. In addition to conversion rates of

60%, the supplier’s experience in the German and Scandinavian markets shows an average profit of €2-3 per passenger for the agent. For naysayers who dispute the

need for such a service, Jokic says aside from convenience and timing, it offers added value. “This is not about providing products consumers cannot get themselves online,” he says. “It’s about providing a service.

It’s not a question of whether you’ll buy it but when and where.” The ancillaries provider entered

the UK market last year and Jokic says he is close to signing a couple of contracts with travel industry partners. While so many parts of the

travel market are saturated, Jokic says that epteca is exploiting a niche begging to be explored. “The market is relatively mature when it comes to airport parking and insurance,” he says. “We’re bringing the high street to travel agents. The travel industry has a great opportunity with us to serve their customers better.”

Contact Carl Denton, head of sales, UK & Ireland on


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Your Car Hire is now offering agents Indian car hire with English-speaking drivers. Ruth Bligh, managing director, says: “Agents tell us that their clients are put off hiring a car in India because of the crazy local driving standards. This is not an expensive chauffeur service, rather reasonably priced personal transport for sightseeing and transfers.”

Travel 2 has an exclusive Avis car hire upgrade offer for rentals in South Africa from group A to B or B to C for travel May 1 to October 31, 2014.

Holiday items can be delivered so they await clients at their destination 48 13.03.2014

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