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Tomorrow's Products

Stream: The New Bucket-Free Flat

Mopping System With the largest available range of products from any one manufacturer in the UK, Contico’s portfolio of equipment has been specifi cally

designed to cover all aspects of cleaning and maintenance; the introduction of Stream, an innovative new Bucket-free Flat Mopping System, is no exception.

Stream is a lightweight rust-free alloy mop with its own integral 500ml reservoir within the mop handle, for water or mopping solution. Stream enables users to quickly and easily fi ll the reservoir using a jug or bottle and, by simply pushing the handle top cap down, activate the three jets of liquid ahead of the fl at mopping head. Stream’s tri-directional spray coverage produces just enough moisture to ensure that fl oors can be quickly and easily cleaned without the need for wringing out.

Ideal for rapid response cleaning, the stream mopping system enables a quick and effective way of cleaning and mopping up spills without dragging a heavy bucket of water around, making it perfect for busy and heavy traffi cked areas.

Because just the right amount of liquid is used, there is no need for ‘Wet Floor’ signage, and as the fl oor will dry quickly there's minimum disruption to the working environment. Easy to store, Stream is ready and able to react quickly to a whole host of fl oor spillage and cleaning issues.

Designed for use with Contico’s range of Microfi bre fl at mop heads and with their MF30F/MF40F frames, Stream is colour-coded for hygienic mopping in environmentally sensitive places. The design allows for Stream to be used effectively in hard-to-access areas, such as corners and along skirting boards, and can be easily manoeuvred around static shaped objects. Stream is ideal for use on all hard fl ooring up to 140m2


A Total WipeOut For

Spots And Stains Marks, stains, graffi ti and deep in-ground dirt can be removed from fl oors and other hard surfaces quickly and easily, using two new innovative TASKI WipeOut Pads from Diversey Care. The TASKI WipeOut Hand Pad is ideal for spot cleaning, while the TASKI WipeOut Pad for fl oorcare machines can cover large areas quickly and effi ciently. Each provides users with new capabilities in their building care and fl oorcare operations.

The new pads are manufactured from the same foam polymer as the TASKI WipeOut Sponge. This advanced material can remove a wide range of surface marks and stains when

simply rubbed over the affected area. The pads are non-scouring and non- abrasive, which means they will not scratch or damage the surface being cleaned. They can be used damp with water alone, or with cleaning products such as TASKI Sprint Spitfi re, for added versatility across a range of applications to deliver excellent results.

The TASKI WipeOut Hand Pad can be used on its own or with a hand-held Jumbo Pad Holder with built-in scraper for working small areas quickly and effi ciently. When used for overhead cleaning or places that are diffi cult to reach, the pad can be attached to a standard TASKI Jonmaster Ultra extendable handle and frame. This simple and effective combination makes

it easier to reach inaccessible areas to maintain appearance and improve customer perceptions.

The TASKI WipeOut Pad is designed for use with TASKI ergodisc rotary machines and TASKI swingo scrubber driers. These machines allow users to cover large fl oors and remove light marks and scuffi ng. The pad can be used damp with water alone or with selected cleaning products from the extensive Diversey Care range to enable additional cleaning versatility and maintain or improve the appearance of the fl oor.


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