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The Morclean Bin Wash range features several different models for all your bin cleaning needs. They provide owners and operators with an economical entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market, but not only that, many models can be used as both a bin cleaning trailer and as a facility for cleaning patios, decking and driveways.

Since the launch of our Bin Wash and Lift range to Morclean, the range has expanded and developed through listening to our customers. The 2013 range included developments such as a blue tank and the addition of the Mono (for those who needed a more compact single bin lift). The range was further developed from feedback, and now features a much cleaner, more streamlined design in comparison to the original model.

The Morclean Bin Washers are sturdy, self-contained wheeled bin cleaning machines; they can be attached to one of our trailers, a vehicle or on-site depending on the model, and can lift either one or two domestic bins or one large commercial bin at any one time.

It takes all the stress, hassle and hard work out of cleaning bins; just hook the bin onto the machine, press the button to lift the bins, spray them down with the attached pressure washer and lower the bins back to the ground. All the water is recycled too, meaning you only need to carry a tank full of water for one day’s use and all the debris and dirt is caught in the fi lter, making life very easy.


The Conservatory Roof and Panel cleaner from Chemicals Direct is a fully biodegradable, concentrated and multi- purpose hard-surface cleaner, suitable for use in many applications.

It removes grease, grime, oil, dirt, algae, bird droppings, leaf mould and many more tough stains with ease, and it may be diluted between 10-1 and 150-1, depending upon the severity of the degree of soiling the area has been subjected to.

The unique, patented container, with its integrated spray bottle and stillage tap, allows for simple dispensing and compact storage, meaning it is perfectly designed for frequent transportation.

Plus, the sprayer allows for an easy application and pre- wetting, prior to brushing or wiping, while the stillage tap offers controlled dilution depending upon the intended application.

There's no need to worry about how diverse the product is either, as it's completely safe to use on most surfaces, including UPVC, paintwork, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, ceramic and glass — the list goes on! Being highly economical, non-abrasive and non-toxic as well, it's ideal for many uses within the home. 8

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