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Designed and custom built to meet the strict cleanliness and infection control regulations in the health industry, Leafi eld Environmental presents its new anti-microbial recycling bin, its latest addition to the growing Envirobin line-up of recycling solutions.

Created by Leafi eld’s design and manufacturing experts, together with FM provider MITIE,

the new recycling bin

incorporates an anti-microbial additive which provides an effective defence against bacterial growth, providing an ideal recycling solution for hospitals.

The new hygienic bin is already attracting attention as a popular recycling choice for other sectors concerned about levels of hygiene, such as food production and catering industries. Easy to fully dismantle for deep cleaning and emptying, the internal mechanism is simple to use and designed to maximise cleaning effi ciency.

The central bin lid is operated by a foot pedal, which means users never need to touch the bin with their hands when depositing waste. The wheels make it easy to transfer to central collection points for emptying, while the Enviropod is ideal for collecting up to three different waste streams, including landfi ll waste, mixed recyclables and food or clinical waste, in a compact 90l unit.

The Anti-Microbial Envirobin is currently being rolled out across the NHS Grampian and the NHS Lothian estates, achieving total customer satisfaction with the NHS staff, the patients and the cleaning team.



In an effort to reduce waste and save money, Robert Scott & Sons Ltd has developed a new eco-friendly mopping system to further enhance their hardworking Big White Mop: the Big White Mop Refi ll Mop System.

The patented Big White Refi ll Mop System comprises of two parts: a detachable socket and clip, and a replaceable mop refi ll. Simple and easy-to-use, the mop is placed inside the clip and the socket is pushed on evenly. The clip and refi ll is secured by screwing the handle into the socket.

When the mop is old and dirty, simply remove the handle to release the clip and dispose of the mop in a paper recycling bin, before replacing with a brand new mop. So, it’s more hygienic, more environmentally friendly and with no more unnecessary waste!

The Big White plastic socket and clip can be washed and reused many times, and are colour-coded to make cleaning easier to segregate and prevent cross-contamination in environmentally sensitive areas.

Made from high wet-strength, non-woven material, at the company’s Greenfi eld site, the Big White Mop is a semi- disposable mop, ideal for ‘hardworking’ areas of hospitals and catering establishments.

The addition of the Big White Mop’s Refi ll System makes this mop even more appealing, combining not only a hardworking and highly effi cient mop, but now one that also helps save waste, money and the environment - a truly sustainable way to mop.

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