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The search for a bacteria-free trolley system for the healthcare industry has long been a dream. Now, it is a reality! Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, working with Italian product designers Filmop, decided this was their holy grail: a system that would offer bacteria-free cleaning.

Behind the scenes at the Filmop plant in Padova, Italy, researchers and experts started the R & D process. The fi rst system was ready after two years. However, when tested it became apparent that it would decay after three to fi ve years of use, and so the research continued.

In the end, it was found that treating it with the right combination of silver ions and zinc pyrithione wasn't harmful and didn't degrade the equipment. Trials were arranged in Italy and France through different cleaning companies in various applications, and it was evident that it now worked. The AB-Plus trolley system had arrived.

The new system has been now tested to all relevant standards including ISO 20743-2007 and ISO 22196-2011, and shows an average reduction of 99.9% in bacteria within 20 minutes of contact. For high risk areas, such as operating theatres in hospitals, paediatric wards or transplant areas, it has obvious benefi ts where vulnerable people move about. For the longer term too, it can only help in the fi ght against infections in our healthcare systems.



Introducing Air-O-Matic Plus, the new large space air freshener, designed to provide effective coverage up to 1,000m3

. Many air fragrance units are unsuitable for large

areas resulting in fragrances failing to circulate effectively, thus becoming lost. The Air-O-Matic Plus from PHS Washrooms is the perfect solution for a variety of locations, whether inside or outside the washroom.

The mains powered, non-aerosol air fragrance unit disperses a choice of four fresh fragrances, each incorporating Odouraze odour neutraliser. Available in white and grey, or black and nickel, the unit incorporates a high-powered fan for effective fragrance distribution in larger areas.

Air-O-Matic Plus gently extracts odours and dust particles from a room, as the contaminated air passes through a sophisticated carbon fi lter housed within the unit. The fi ltered, clean air then passes through a fan to ensure a fresh and fragrant atmosphere.

Air-O-Matic Plus is the answer to eliminating unpleasant odours in any environment, whilst maintaining pleasant surroundings for staff and visitors. 6

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