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It’s decision time... Now is your chance to get involved; we’re giving you the opportunity to vote for your favourite product overall. You may have used these products already, or be interested in trying them, which is why you have until Friday the 28th March to vote for your favourite.

Last year’s vote provided us with three very worthy winners. KIMBERLY- CLARK PROFESSIONAL* took fi rst place with their AQUARIUS* Dispenser Range, while Katrin came in second place with their Handy Packs. Finally, Arco fi nished in third place with their 3-Step Industrial Skincare Range.

We have devised another simple survey for you to vote for your favourite product from our 50 fi nalists. The fi rst, second and third place winners will be announced in the April issue of Tomorrow’s Cleaning, with the winners

For the next 12 months... If you see any products that catch your eye this year, or you would like to nominate a product to be considered for our 2015 winners, please feel free to contact Tomorrow’s Cleaning Editor, Caroline Canty, at

for more

information. We’ll be on the lookout for the next 12 months, so if you have something to share, make sure you let us know about it.

For now, we’ll let you enjoy our fantastic fi nalists of 2014, who we would like to congratulate again. Hard work really does pay off!

being presented with an additional award at the prestigious Interclean event this May at Amsterdam!

The cleaning industry is home to some fantastic products and innovations and we want to ensure they're recognised. Make sure that you take the time to vote for your favourite and show the importance of the reader’s choice.

How to vote... Votes are open to anyone in the cleaning industry; all you need to do is visit our poll and select your favourite product from the overall 50 fi nalists. You’re a couple of clicks away — it’s really as easy as that. You can even leave your reason why if you like, but voting is a quick and easy as you want it to be.

Just CLICK HERE to vote; we look forward to seeing your decision!



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