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Awards 2014 TOMORROW'S CLEANING L F K R Budgets

Work Bills

Stores Control

Centralised Management of


•Client Contracts •Business Processes •Client and Contract Information

Mobile CMS

Customer Portal

Customer Service

L E Accounts Pay

Asset Management

Quality Audits




Templa CMS is the UK’s only contract management software package with integrated accounts and payroll, designed specifi cally for cleaning companies. Its unique attraction is the way it stores all the information required to manage a company’s cleaning contracts in a centralised contract database.

In doing so, it accurately mirrors the key business processes required to thrive in today’s highly competitive contract cleaning market. It helps maintain fi nancial, administrative and operational control, whilst delivering the highest standards of quality assurance and customer service throughout. The software is also available as a mobile application for use with tablets or other mobile devices.

The Core System and Service Point modules include:

• Contracts • Work-bills • Stores • Billing and budgets

• Equipment • Analytics • Workfl ow • Customer Service

• Quality Audits • Mobile CMS • Customer Portal • Accounts and pay

The award winning software is fully integrated with, and shares information from, a standard off-the-shelf fi nancial accounting and payroll package, fully accredited to HMRC and ICAEW.

Templa CMS is a leading edge solution and has many features not available from competitors. This is achieved through ongoing research and customer feedback, promoting a highly proactive development programme and resulting in a steady fl ow of upgrades and new releases.



The Tork Xpress™ Countertop Multifold hand towel dispenser is compact and stylish, so it creates a sophisticated impression while improving hygiene, reducing consumption and waste. The dispenser is designed to replace stacks or baskets of loose hand towels, and provide a portable hand towel solution.

The new elegant Tork Xpress™ Countertop dispensers provide total washroom solutions, which can be combined to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements anywhere, from hotels to healthcare. The dispenser is easy to use and low maintenance, providing sheet by sheet dispensing.

The Tork Xpress™ Countertop dispenser comes in black or white with a high gloss fi nish: the black dispenser is ideal for high-class hotels and restaurants, while the white colour is designed to blend in at healthcare facilities and offi ces, whilst also offering a portable hand towel solution for mobile healthcare professionals.

Tork Xpress the features: • A modern design and compact size, perfect for washroom countertops

• You only touch the towel you use, giving a high end-user experience and preventing cross-contamination as well as waste

• A high-gloss fi nish, which is easy to clean, giving great hygiene and a fresh look

• Anti-slip pads – these prevent the dispenser form slipping off the countertop

• Compatible with Tork Xpress® Multifold hand towels featuring QuickDry – providing the best customer experience. CLICK HERE TO VOTE! 29





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