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ProTeam backpack vacuums clean three times faster and remove more dirt than traditional tank-style vacuums. Studies have found that backpack vacuums improve worker productivity, boost cleaning effectiveness, increase ergonomic comfort and lower the cost of ownership.

ProTeam vacuums use a Four Level® Filtration system with a powerful motor for improved suction; the backpack also extracts and eliminates more dirt than a commercial tank canister, upright or dust mop.

The Super QuarterVac performs on either carpets or hard floor surfaces and uses an advanced filtration system to capture 99.97% of airborne particles measuring one micron or larger. In use, this means that the vacuums effectively tackle the indoor air quality-issues, which can trigger occupants’ respiratory ailments.

The Super QuarterVac is also remarkably lightweight and ergonomically-designed, so it can be worn for long shifts by even the most petite user without strain or discomfort. Ergonomic features include supportive waist and shoulder straps, which distribute weight evenly, and a backplate with switch cord pocket and integrated tool belt to keep all accessory tools within easy reach.

Maintenance crews in every arena – from universities and schools to commercial cleaning and hospitality – quickly find that ProTeam backpacks save money, time and resources while improving indoor air quality.


Kärcher’s innovative new T 10/1 eco!efficiency tub vacuum provides exceptional performance, but with 40% less energy consumption than other standard 1250W tub vacs.

By taking the highly popular T 10/1 Professional Contract Cleaner Tub Vacuum, and optimising its air flow channels, Kärcher has developed a tub vacuum that provides superb daily cleaning performance from only a 750W motor, with a low noise level of only 60db(A).

Kärcher’s Professional Product Manager, Jeff Hilton,

explained: “Our T 10/1 Professional has been a big hit since its launch, mainly thanks to the way it was designed in conjunction with UK contract cleaners. By adding eco!efficiency technology, we now offer a contract- cleaner-specific machine, with dramatically reduced power consumption, but that still offers ideal performance for daily office cleaning.”

In a large number of cases, a 1200W or 1250W motor is overkill for this kind of application, creating unnecessary noise pollution and electricity consumption. The T 10/1 eco!efficiency has more than enough performance for daily cleaning, but with added annual cost savings in electricity consumption.

The 10l tub vacuum boasts Kärcher’s usual levels of build quality and attention to detail, with user-friendly features like a kettle-type power cable for fast replacement, a cable wrap for easy storage, parking position for the floor tool, and a tough filter basket that can enable use without a filter bag. 28

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