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Hospitals and healthcare organisations need to improve access and visibility to hand wash facilities if they are to reduce the impact of HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) superbugs such as MRSA, C-Diffi cile and norovirus.

TEAL has worked with infection control departments for over 10 years developing mobile hand wash stations which require no access to mains water or drainage. Stop n’ Wash™ is TEAL’s latest product innovation, which delivers up to 80 washes and is also proving a useful educational tool.

The latest data from Scotland suggests that one in ten doctors do not meet hand hygiene standards, emphasising the need to educate both visitors and medical staff of its importance.

Manty Stanley, Managing Director of TEAL, said: “1.89 million Britons caught Norovirus during last winter, and medical providers need to take preventative measures as a means of containing infection outbreak. The average person’s hands carry at least 3,000 different bacteria.”

Fully automatic and self-contained, the Stop n’ Wash™ is completely hands-free and there are no levers or taps to re- infect hands. It is also pathogen-safe if a simple hygiene cycle using a 500ppm chlorine solution is carried out every 24 hours.

The unique synchronised video display takes users through a timed wash programme leading to a 35-second hot water hand wash cycle which re-sets itself in 10 seconds.

TEAL manufactures a range of units for purchase or hire for delivery throughout the UK within 24 hours to counter outbreaks.


Suma Combi is a new and unique machine dishwashing detergent from Diversey Care, with a built-in rinse aid that cleans, rinses and dries kitchenware effi ciently and effectively. As a separate rinse aid is not needed, Suma Combi simplifi es the dishwashing process, saves space in the kitchen and reduces packaging waste.

Most facilities with industrial dishwashers still use separate auto-dosed detergents and rinse aids. Suma Combi simplifi es the process so that food service organisations can achieve the consistent cleaning results to which they are accustomed, but with a single, convenient, combined product.

Suma Combi also increases effi ciency, because dishwashers don't have to measure a rinse aid separately, thereby eliminating the risk of running out of the essential drying agent too, and ensuring users have better visibility and control over costs.

With simplifi ed packaging, Suma Combi is easier to handle than multiple products and allows facilities to store and manage fewer chemicals. The product also reduces packaging waste to support improved sustainability in food service operations.

“Suma Combi allows facilities to get kitchenware clean, sparkling and dry, all for the same, manageable annual cost of purchasing separate detergent and rinse aid,” said Lindsay Maclean, Food Service and Retail Sector Marketing Manager for Diversey Care in the UK. “With this easier-to-handle, all-in- one product, operations can provide the spotless glassware, dishes and silverware their guests demand.” CLICK HERE TO VOTE! 27

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