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Retailers, consumers and all involved in carpet care can benefit from the innovative Stain Guid App developed by leading experts of carpet care, WoolSafe. It offers ready-to- hand advice on the correct method of treating all manner of spills, and how to reduce the chances of permanent marking.

From common culprits such as red wine and gravy, to more specialised problems like soot and candle wax, the comprehensive and easy-to-use app gives clear step-by- step guidance on the correct method for treating each stain.

Under the handy Products tab, cleaning products suitable for the stain type are just a click away, with spot removers to large area cleaners listed, which have each been tested and approved by WoolSafe.

If the staining is extensive, stubborn or simply cannot be tackled successfully at home, the WoolSafe App simply finds the user’s geographical location with GPS and highlights the details of the nearest WoolSafe Approved Service Providers, so the advice of a local fibre care specialist can be readily sought.

In-line with the WoolSafe Organisation’s business ethos to provide widely accessible and useful information to consumers and retailers alike, the WoolSafe Stain Guide App has been developed as a valuable and easy to access resource on how to treat a wide range of stains.


The latest advanced course to be added to the Prochem Europe training programme is likely to prove the ideal solution for carpet and upholstery cleaners wanting to learn more about stains.

An intensive day-long investigation into their nature, origin and how to remove or improve them, the Prochem Stain Removal Course provides extensive hands-on practice on all kinds of stains commonly found both in the domestic and commercial environments.

The course, held at the Prochem Training Academy in Chessington, Surrey, helps delegates learn how to test the pH of a stain, how to find out whether it's water-based or solvent-soluble and what bearing this has on the choice of product. They also teach how to assess what kind of damage the stain may have caused to the carpet or fabric fibres.

Understanding the effect of the various stain removal products on different fibre and construction types is another aspect of effective treatment covered in the course, where delegates are encouraged to practise and improve application techniques on pre-prepared stains on different types of carpet fibre.

The day, which includes lunch, refreshments and a comprehensive training manual to take home, has a lighter touch, too, with a special Stain Quiz tasking delegates to have a go at guessing what twenty different stains were caused by.


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