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Fragrance plays an integral part in our lives, surrounding us and infl uencing our moods, feelings and emotions in much the same way as colour, but the real power of fragrance is only recently being realised and put into practice in commercial organisations.

Create an air of opulence in any environment with the new range of Precious fragrances, from P+L Systems Washroom. Providing an elegant, sophisticated ambiance, the Precious range of fragrances from P+L Systems Washroom has been developed to offer a range of extravagant environment enhancers. Each fragrance is rich and distinct, and evolves throughout the day, offering a carefully selected blend of aromas to capture the senses.

From the musky masculine notes of Emerald to the warm, oriental scent of Amber and the fruity, fl oral blend of Amethyst, the Precious range uses a high percentage of essential oils to offer both sophistication and intensity.

The Precious range of fragrance offers the ideal solution to create an air of luxury in hotel lobbies and reception areas, as well as retail environments and washrooms.

As one of our key senses, the fragrance of a room, shop or washroom heavily infl uences our experience of our surroundings. By selecting from the Precious range of fragrances, you can help improve the customer experience and support your company’s image.



As a business, Premiere is very nearly 90 years old; given that they have directly employed a training team for 50% of that time (leaders in the fi eld), it's easy to see that training and education are at the very heart of what they do best.

So too is there an inherent determination running through the business from the Chairman downwards, to strive for continuous improvement in all areas. In 2011, every employee took and passed City and Guilds NVQ Level 2 in Business Improvement Techniques, and consequentially adopted a raft of LEAN practices across manufacturing, product development, administration and sales.

Where the provision of training and education is concerned, it is a combination of these two key factors that have lead to the launch of the rebranded Premiere Cleaning Academy.

Alongside a new corporate look and feel that works in harmony with the rebrand of the Premiere Group as a larger whole, the process has also involved the selection of City and Guilds as being the awarding body of choice for the qualifi cations offered to customers.

The Cleaning Academy is comprised of the Classroom Area, used for the theory presentations, task discussions and briefi ngs; the Floorcare Demonstration Area with 11 fl oor types to replicate customer sites for practical assessments; and the Solutions Centre, a multi-functional space providing and place for scrubber dryer or sweeper training.


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