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Any existing, pre-fi nished, solid or engineered wood fl oor can now be safely re-coated, even if there is little wood left to renovate, thanks to the PALL-X 350. This challenging problem is now easily solved for any wood fl oor cleaning and maintenance professional, as PALL-X 350 is a two component bonding agent which ensures adhesion between the existing surface and the new lacquer coating without any intermediate sanding.

So, PALL-X 350 provides a fast, uncomplicated and cost effective refurbishment of wood fl oor areas, even in cases where a conventional refurbishment seems impractical. The product could prove to be the perfect on-site aid in cases where an additional coat of protection is needed.

Corrections of sheen levels are necessary on newly laid pre- fi nished fl oors or in areas of light damage, and the application of PALL-X 350 additionally provides edge protection and joint closure for newly laid solid and engineered boards.

Even the alteration of the sheen or the level of anti-slip can be adjusted at the request of a client, with a subsequent lacquer coat. Incredibly, the application of PALL-X 350 can also change an oiled surface to a lacquered surface without the need of a full sanding cycle – a true product innovation, saving wood fl oor cleaning professionals time and money.


Kennedy Hygiene introduces the Paper POD, a mechanical auto-cut paper towel dispenser that can assist in reducing paper consumption by up to 20%, thanks to its Reserve System.

The POD provides single-use paper portions for hygienic hand drying, and with its compact size, contemporary design and translucent blue cover, the unit integrates with the rest of Kennedy`s washroom dispenser range.

With its built-in patented stub roll loading mechanism, the Reserve System means that a new roll can be loaded into the dispenser before the previous roll has been fully used. When the stub roll has been fully used, the mechanism transfers to the new full size roll.

The paper is prevented from running out at the end of the roll, and ensures that no un-used paper remains on the stub roll: paper wastage can be eliminated leading to a reduction of paper consumption by up to 20% depending on the paper, and resulting in a reduced environmental impact.

The POD has been designed to accommodate a large variety of paper rolls available on the market: various roll lengths, diameters, widths, and paper thickness, one-ply or two-ply: the choice is yours. For customers who prefer to source paper rolls together with the dispenser, Kennedy can offer a standard two-ply 110m paper roll.


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