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Disposables UK launched the Optimum ProWipers range as part of its continuing commitment to producing innovative products which meet market demand. The range includes seven different types of non-woven wipes, designed to meet the needs of those working in industrial workplaces, where fast and effective cleaning solutions are needed.

The Optimum SmartWipe is available in four colours and is ideal for environments where colour-coding is crucial. Made from recycled cotton, it's non-abrasive and biodegradable, and is apertured to be super absorbent, holding up to fi ve times its own weight in water.

The Optimum RightWipe is a non-abrasive, super-soft wipe, which is ideal for polishing due to its low lint properties, while the Optimum EcotWipe is made from regenerated cotton and is 100% biodegradable. The soft, absorbent wipe remains strong when wet or dry, and holds fi ve times its own weight of water.

Silicone and formaldehyde-free, the Optimum ResourceWipe is ideal for a range of wiping jobs. It's also available in both smooth and creped variations.

The Optimum SorbairWipe is a fl exible, economic, all-round general wipe, ideal for a range of wiping jobs, while the Optimum ClassicWipe is super absorbent. It has a good level of liquid retention and holds seven times its own weight in water. Resistant to most solvents, the ClassicWipe is versatile and perfect as a general all round non-woven wipe.



The cleaning of tricky, hard-to-reach areas is made much easier thanks to the versatile Orbis MotorScrubber 20, from Truvox International.

Ideal for retail, healthcare, leisure and educational environments, the Orbis MotorScrubber 20 gets into the places that other scrubbing machines cannot reach, thanks to its telescopic handle and portability. Confi ned spaces in food service areas, toilets, stairwells, storerooms, behind and beneath counters and beds, can be cleaned thoroughly and easily thanks to its manoeuvrability and special features. These include:

• A 12V battery backpack, which is lightweight, making it comfortable to carry for cleaning operatives

• It’s a cordless machine, which therefore reduces the risk of trips and falls thanks to the lack of trailing leads, enhancing health and safety

• It provides four-hours of runtime for maximum productivity

• The 20cm/8in cleaning width makes hard-to-reach areas easily accessible

• A 75cm handle gives a long reach, making the Orbis MotorScrubber 20 perfect for cleaning walls as well as fl oors

The full starter kit includes telescopic handle, battery and harness, 110cm coiled battery cable, aggressive strength scrubbing brush and drive board, plus scrubbing, spray cleaning, dry buffi ng and microfi bre multi-purpose fl oor pads.


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