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Following many years of research, Microbe Secure was developed to stop infection bearing germs dead in their tracks, by transforming surfaces into independently infection-controlled sites.

Confi rmed by MGS labs to ISO 22196 standards, secured surfaces provide ongoing protection against known bugs – including MRSA, VRE, infl uenza virus, nova virus and common infection bearing germs.

So-called hospital acquired infections contribute to deaths and immeasurable misery to countless patients around the globe. From an industry fi nancial perspective, the World Health Organisation estimates that costs involved in fi ghting and trying to control this ever-present danger could be as high as $80billion a year, and affect 7% of hospitalised patients.

A single treatment of Microbe secure can last up to 30 days, as long as the surface treatment remains intact. This means the product need only be re-applied when its effectiveness starts to fade rather than every day.

Cleaners use a Veristrip (a small indicator strip), provided with the product, to see if the product is still viable and if it is, they only need wipe the surface with a microfi ber cloth to ensure protection. This means a possible 30 times reduction in disinfection chemical use – reducing both cleaning costs and the carbon footprint associated with use of disinfection up to 30 times over.



Vileda Professional makes high performance and hygienic cleaning more cost effective and accessible to sites without laundry facilities, with the introduction of its new product into the range of disposable microfi bre products: the MicroLite 60.

The advanced microfi lament microfi bre technology makes it the most effective disposable cloth on the market at removing grease, dirt and bacteria from any hard surface.

Disposing of the cloth after use helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and overcome any concerns with durable cloths that C.Diff spores may survive the washing process, therefore making it ideal for use in hygiene-critical areas.

MicroLite 60 is folded and sold in packs of 100 cloths, which are printed in four colour-coded designs, so that the right cloth, for use in the right area, can be easily identifi ed.

The low unit price makes MicroLite 60 a truly disposable microfi bre cloth, solving all the issues relating to durable cloths. It requires no investment in laundry facilities, and staff don’t need to change their current cleaning practices.

Using disposable MicroLite 60 allows sites with limited or no laundry facitlites the ability to benefi t from the effects of using high performance microfi bre technology, at a ’throw- away’ price. CLICK HERE TO VOTE! 19

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