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Limey is a long-awaited gadget to enable users to remove limescale from around and inside the end of taps, where limescale loves to build. Limescale in this area is not only unsightly, but also impacts the efficacy of energy use; it’s said that one of the best energy saving actions you can take is to remove limescale build up. This is especially true of the UK, where we experience some of the hardest water in the world.

Limey is uncomplicated, reusable, and effective – you simply use your regular descaling fluid, pour it into the Limey ball and slip it over the tap end (which fits most taps). Descaling solutions always require time to work (an average of around 30 minutes), so Limey allows full contact for the entire time to achieve maximum results.

Current measures taken against tap limescale are chiselling (which damages the surface), gels (which achieve poor reviews), sprays (which can’t stay in contact for the time required), and homemade solutions (which are just like Limey, but aren’t professional).

Tap limescale is a real problem that has yet to be answered, both domestically and professionally, but Limey is the solution to the issue which the market has been waiting for, and the response from the consumer is proving it.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), has recently launched its’ first range of mechanical sweepers, introducing three commercial-grade sweepers perfect for use on hard floors, carpets and rugs.

Faster, more convenient and more discrete to use than a vacuum, and without the accompanying safety risk posed by trailing cables, each of

the Rubbermaid mechanical

sweepers will pick up in silence fluff, dust, grit, sand, spills, paper, threads and crumbs effortlessly.

All three models are lightweight yet sturdy, easy-to-use, silent in operation and have been ergonomically designed to ensure user comfort over extended shifts. Similarly, all three models are supplied complete with a 101.6cm long steel-coated handle, for cleaning into awkward corners or under furniture, which will fold flat for easy storage.

The superior build quality of the sweepers, with long-life brushes and high-impact bodies with protective front and back bumpers, means that they will withstand the wear and tear of repeated, everyday use. It makes the new mechanical sweepers both productive and extremely good value for the long-term.

The most versatile sweeper in the system and especially suited for foodservice applications, is the FG421588BLA model, which has a wide 19cm sweep path, two debris canisters with one-touch emptying doors, non-marking rubber blades and it works on a variety of floor surfaces. 18

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