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13 PRO-SPOTTER TRUVOX INTERNATIONAL Truvox International has expanded its renowned

Hydromist range of carpet cleaners, with the launch of the Hydromist 13 Pro-Spotter. All those stubborn spots and stains will be a thing of the past, thanks to this new design and innovative technology.

This lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable carpet and upholstery spray extractor, is perfect for use in locations such as small pubs and clubs, hotels, offi ces, care homes, schools, colleges and universities.

Its features and benefi ts include: • A 13l capacity, making it ideal for smaller cleaning jobs • A two-stage vacuum motor with an 89inch water lift

• The expandable vacuum and solution hoses which reaches from 0.76m-3.04m, and can be stored in the machine base for easy transport

• It includes heavy duty latches which secure the solution tank to the recovery tank

• The built-in aluminium telescopic handle is lightweight, further aiding the convenience of transportation



The revolutionary new Immerse-A-Clean™ makes safe, sustainable cleaning and sanitizing solutions in virtually any container – wherever and whenever cleaning is needed.

Simply submerge the Immerse-A-Clean into a bucket, jug, scrubber, or carpet extractor, fi ll with tap water, add the catalyst, press a button and in minutes a highly effective cleaner or degreaser is created. Or, insert the Immerse-A- Clean into water without catalyst and create ionic chemical- free cleaning.

For sanitizing, the Immerse-A-Clean™ creates a low-VOC, ph-neutral sanitizing solution delivering all the germ-killing benefi ts of other sanitizers, but without harm to surfaces, clothes, animals, or people. Best of all, the Immerse-A- Clean™ can be powered by its on-board battery pack, or the battery from the scrubber or extractor.

By eliminating the chemicals, the residues left behind, and the risks from inhaling chemical fumes, the Immerse-A- Clean™ is the safer way to clean and sanitize. At literally pennies per gallon, the Immerse-A-Clean™ delivers bottom- line savings over traditional chemical-based cleaning systems, creating a virtually endless supply of cleaning and sanitizing solution after just one purchase.

Even better, using approved AOAC test methods and under Good Laboratory Practices, GenEon Technologies’ sanitizing solution has been tested at two EPA-recognized, ISO labs, and has been shown to kill 99.999% of germs on hard non-porus surfaces. 16

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