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The new range combines effective cleaning power with sustainable credentials, and all these products are produced in the eco-factory with the famous green roof. So impressive is the new range, that it has been awarded a Cradle to Cradle® Silver Certifi edCM of professional cleaning.

On top of the Cradle to Cradle® certifi cation, the new label design of Ecover Professional has been awarded with a Red Dot Award. Clear and attractive usage and dosage icons were designed, supported by easy-to-understand graphics and the smart use of colour. The result is a distinctive range of labels with a surprisingly fresh and honest look and feel.

The range includes:-

• Multi Daily 1l: an interior and fl oor cleaner for daily use, safe to use on all water-resistant surfaces.

• Multi Forte 1l: a fl oor and interior cleaner for periodic use, exceptional for use with scrubber dryers.

• San Daily 1l: a sanitary cleaner for daily use, which quickly removes all grease, soap and limescale residues.

• Multi Spray 500ml: a multi-surface and window cleaner with a recently improved formula, with packaging and spray nozzles which can all be recycled together.

• Swan WC Daily 750ml: a toilet cleaner for daily use, which refreshes and cleans, but contains no mineral acids.

• Citop Zero: an ecological, concentrated, perfume-free washing-up liquid, which effectively cleans all your dishes and cuts through the grease without excessive bubbles.

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Inadequate dairy cattle hygiene can result in an increased spread of pathogens, including mastitis within a herd, but ensuring fi rst-class pre-milking hygiene can help reduce this risk.

The enigma Dairy Wipe is an effective means of maintaining pre-milking hygiene standards, as an individual disposable sheet can be used for wiping each teat, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The enigma Dairy Wipe is ideal for aiding in the removal of mud and dirt from the teats prior to the cluster being fi tted.

In addition to use in the parlour, the enigma Dairy Wipe, with its high wet strength, can be used in other areas of the farm where a strong absorbent paper is required.

The main benefi ts to enigma Dairy Wipes are that they are incredibly hygienic. They have a high wet strength too – soft enough for use when dry but strong enough to hold together when wet. They are a very robust wipe; strong, thick and absorbent, which can be used to wipe down multiple surfaces and mop up spills around the parlour and farm. Aside from this, they have an optional removable core which can be used in a centrefeed dispenser.

The enigma Dairy Wipe is a two-ply green, 56gsm centrefeed roll. The roll is 140m in length and 23cm in width. 14

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