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EasyShine is one of the most productive cleaning tools to achieve cost-effective, long-lasting cleaning results on glass, mirrors, ceramics, plastic, laminates, stainless steel and other glossy and polished metal surfaces.

Effective and versatile, EasyShine removes up to 99% of harmful bacteria, as well as fi ngerprints, grease and dirt with tap water alone. Using the very latest ultramicrofi bre technology (with fi bres 70% fi ner than conventional fi bres) EasyShine cleans down to a microscopic level. This means surfaces stay cleaner much longer and there is no chemical residue left behind.

Cleaning staff appreciate EasyShine both for its sparkling, streak-free results and ease of use. Simply spray the cloth or mop with water, and clean. It has an easy-reach too, with the telescopic handle extending to 80cm, thus allowing for a reach of up to 2.5m.

EasyShine cleans in just a fraction of the time of conventional spray dusting, which means improved productivity and signifi cantly (up to 75%) reduced labour costs. The cloths and mops can be washed up to 500 times, making them extremely economical too.

The EasyShine kit comprises a mop frame, fi ve window mops, a short telescopic handle, fi ve lustre cloths for such detail work as hand rails, and a useful spray bottle.


By trapping and removing up to six times more dust, dirt, grit and hair

than traditional mops and other disposable

dusting systems, the Easy Trap Duster is designed to boost productivity and reduce labour costs, without compromising on cleaning standards.

“Effective dust control is vital to keeping up company appearances and to maintaining a safe, hygienic workplace,” explained Richard Jones, 3M Market Manager for Floor and Surface Care. “It also helps to protect equipment from costly damage and can help improve overall air quality. 3M™ Easy Trap Duster is designed to trap and remove dust and dirt quickly and effi ciently – unlike many traditional mops and dusters which unwittingly pass over the dirt, or simply move it around.”

The 3M™ Easy Trap Duster comprises a disposable non-woven, 3D web made from 3M proprietary fi bres. In addition to being six times more effi cient than conventional mops and dusters, the 3M™ Easy Trap Duster is double- sided for longer lasting use. The disposable web is easily attached to most cleaning tools, and can be used on most horizontal surfaces and in wet environments. It also works with most high dusting tools to trap and remove dirt in hard-to-reach places.

The 3M™ Easy Trap Duster is available in perforated 5" and 8" width rolls and convenient pop-up dispenser in both widths for housekeeping carts. CLICK HERE TO VOTE! 13

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