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The new range of compact yet powerful scrubber dryers from Vax Commercial, are perfect for deep cleaning and drying hard fl oors.

The VCSD-02 cordless scrubber dryer is ideal for use on medium to large size hard fl oors, with a compact and lightweight design that means it’s easy to store. Its toolless- change squeegee blades also make it very easy to use as well as maintain.

With a robust 1,450W commercial motor, it has excellent water pick up, but it won’t give you a headache as its low noise operation emits less than 70dB(A). It’s cordless too, meaning that the VCSD-02 is very manoeuvrable, ensuring that your fl oors are spotlessly clean and dry in no time. It has an integrated charger and data card, with LED low level and charging process indicators, so you always know how much power you have left.

There’s also a mains cable version available (the VCSD- 01), which has a 12m high visibility cable and easy-change kettle connection.

Arran Barclay, Director of Vax Commercial UK, said: “Our new scrubber dryers are compact, powerful and give you brilliant cleaning results every time.”



This new, highly scented, Sulphamic acid-based Toilet Cleaner Descaler, with thixotropic properties, rapidly removes lime scale and general soiling from toilets and urinals. It can be used for housekeeping and washrooms from the smallest to the largest of commercial or domestic properties, and the mint fragrance will keep your customers coming back.

It’s viscous formula clings to vertical surfaces, allowing longer contact time for more effective cleaning. The Toilet Cleaner Descaler also leaves a long-lasting fragrance, ensuring maximum impact upon those entering the washroom.

It is suitable for use on stainless steel, porcelain, chrome and ceramic and is very effective in soft, medium and hard water areas. Plus, being fully biodegradable, phosphate- free and coming with a re-usable bottle, it is one of the most sustainable chemicals in the marketplace.

It has a dilution ration of one sachet to every litre, and when diluted, a pH of 1.5 - 2.

It’s also very easy to use: simply dilute it with lukewarm water, and shake to dissolve the sachet. Then leave the solution to stand to allow thickening for a few minutes, before shaking well again before use. After leaving the solution on the surface for a few minutes, only a single fl ush or rinse is needed to take care of any grime and limescale.


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