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Recycling November 28 2013 Weekly & WA S T E W O R L D For the latest news and in-depth features, visi t www. recycl ingwastewor In this issue:

Waste calls for action on key areas

How are things going with SMDA?

The aims of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 have been welcomed, but how is its implementation going? We hear from an industry insider.

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Hospitality takes action on waste

David Burrows, Freelance writer

The need for steel in our brave world of recycling

Find out why the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging is calling for more robust UK systems.

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PUBS, RESTAURANTS, hotels and caterers are throwing away £2.5bn worth of food waste every year. This equates to some 920,000 tonnes - or £2,800 per tonne. The figures are part of

the most detailed analysis ever undertaken of the waste produced by businesses in the hospitality and foodservice sectors. WRAP, which carried out the research, is hoping the findings will encourage more businesses to create less waste and recycle more. “When you consider the

Going forward in today's

digital environment Discover how new technology and software are playing their role in today's waste management and recycling industries.

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average annual cost per outlet is an estimated £10,000, it makes business sense to save money by reducing food waste,” said WRAP's Charlotte Henderson. WRAP has also launched

a new microsite to help these businesses recycle more food waste and take advantage of the growing capacity available for anaerobic digestion (AD). “Twelve per cent of food waste is currently recycled, so there is real scope to drive

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that significantly higher. [This sector] must take advantage of the new [anaerobic digestion] infrastructure to recycle more [of its food waste],” said WRAP's director of sustainable food systems Dr Richard Swannell. Swannell also announced

that 171 supporters and signatories are now signed up to the Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement on waste (HaFSA) - compared to just 70 this time last year. This represents a quarter of the sector by turnover. Though HaFSA is only

just over a year old, support is growing for a move to mandatory rather than voluntary targets to reduce food waste and divert more of it away from landfill and towards AD and composting. Figures published last

month for the grocery sector (which has been running a similar voluntary agreement since 2005 called the Courtauld Commitment) showed that 4.3 million tonnes of food is wasted along its supply chain. Food waste recycler ReFood has called on the coalition government

to introduce statutory source- segregation of food waste and a ban on landfilling food waste. Economic drivers, such as the Landfill Tax, are not working according to the company, with some 40% of the UK’s 14.8 million tonnes of food waste ending up in landfill. “We’ve had so many soft touches, it just doesn’t work,” said ReFood's commercial director Philip Simpson, highlighting the Waste (Scotland) Regulations starting in January as the way forward. WRAP said it hopes

that its figures showing the “true cost” of food waste to businesses will shock them into action. A change in the collection systems could also stimulate food waste recycling in the sectors. “There are some real

surprises coming,” warned Giles Whiteley at SWR Waste Management before adding: “The biggest challenge is when people don’t wake up to the fact that their bins will be weighed more and more […] and this will be a real driver for taking food waste out of general waste.”


SEVERAL OF the UK’s representative bodies for the waste and resource management sector recently joined forces to send a letter to the new resource minister, Dan Rogerson. The letter highlighted the key areas of the sector, if focused on by Defra, which were felt could help boost England’s waste and recycling performance. A joint statement from the

five bodies (ADBA, CIWM, ESA, REA, and Resource Association) stated: “Waste is a valuable source of materials, energy and nutrients. The industry has the potential to drive green growth and create jobs in the future." The organisations

expressed concern that progress in improving resource management in England had already stalled in a number of areas even

before the minister’s recent announcement. “However, rather than simply criticise the government, and recognising the resource constraints in his department, we would like to offer to work closely with Defra to help turn this situation around,” continued the joint statement before adding: “In our view the following key areas need to be addressed: waste crime; recycling; collection methods; hazardous waste; commercial and industrial waste, and waste prevention." The letter reminded

Rogerson of the work done over the past 18 months on the materials recovery facility (MRF) code of practice (CoP) and what can be achieved by close working between government officials and interested parties.

Waste collection is one of the areas that is said to need addressing

CIWM welcomes bag consultation

THE CHARTERED Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has welcomed the consultation on carrier bag charges issued by Defra (See page 2). “While we believe that England was at risk of being left behind by not introducing a legislative requirement, this is not a simple issue,” said CIWM's Steve Lee. “The parameters of the legislation must be carefully thought through to ensure that the measure delivers genuine environmental gains. CIWM would like to see rigorous material standards to allow this technology to play its part in reducing the impact of carrier bag litter on the environment,” added Lee.

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