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Die and flip-chip bonding striving for ultra high precision

Cost-effective surface mounting of complex stacked die using TSV interconnect calls for ultra-high-precision die and flip-chip bonders. Consequently, back-end equipment vendors and process designers must come up with modular concepts to accommodate a broad scope of micro-assembly tasks. Dr Johann Weinhändler, Managing Director of Amicra Microtechnologies GmbH, talks about how the company is delivering on these challenges.

AMICRA WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2001 on the premise of delivering state-of-the-art micro-electronics manufacturing and test equipment for the semiconductor and optoelectronics back-end, fiber optics and optical sensors, LED and MEMS industries. The company operates on a solid stock of technology know-how in its chosen fields: products and services in high- precision processing and handling. The portfolio has since grown to cover a wide and impressive scope of micro-assembly cells and wafer-ink systems, customized laser lift-off, silicone gel dispensing, LED test and lens inspection systems.

The company took the global stage in 2009 by engaging a young and innovative management team led by Johann Weinhändler, Horst Lapsien, Stefan Wolf and Rudolf Kaiser (Figure 1).

This team set Amicra on its current program: the high end, leading-edge segment of high-precision assembly equipment, software development, design of customized machine controls including vision and image processing – with an extra weight put on efficient handling, gripping and feeding systems with elaborate overlapping motion control algorithms.

Earlier this year Amicra received a new round of major private equity financing in view of the growing importance of the innovative AFCPlus and NovaPlus platforms. This is being used to further expand the company’s presence at its home base and worldwide including the recently opened corporate offices in Sunnyvale, California, located right in the heart of the Silicon Valley and Singapore for the operations in Asia.

Last year, Amicra generated sales of about 8 million euros. Within the next five years Amicra expects to reach an annual sales volume of 50 million euros, with an estimated employee base of around 200 worldwide, says Dr. Johann Weinhändler.

This promising outlook is possible due to the rapidly evolving smartphones and communication devices, with their insatiable demand for memory space, touch sensors and LED displays, and their associated transport infrastructure and server farms. The explosion of these markets has just begun. Dr. Weinhändler says “Our vision is to grow from technology leader also to market leader in our field.”

Figure 1: The Amicra management team. Left to right: Rudolf Kaiser (Managing Director), Stefan Wolf (CFO), Johann Weinhaendler (Managing Director) and Horst Lapsien (Managing Director). Source: (Mittelbayerische Zeitung)

26 Issue IV 2013

Ultra-high-precision now is the marching order With our latest product developments for flip-chip and die attach applications, such as the AFCPlus (Figure 2) and the flagship NovaPlus (Figure 3), Amicra is fully committed to the optimization of bond processes for all kinds of miniaturized

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