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News & Notes: In Memoriam

Bob Vangene 1934 - 2013

On March 14, 2013 the

Minnesota shooting com- munity lost one of its leg- ends, and we lost a great friend. Bob was one of the premier marksmen, espe- cially in smallbore, in our region. Just two weeks before his death at age 89 ,Bob medaled in rifl e in the Arizona Senior Olympics. At one time or other, of- ten in the same year, Bob won the smallbore position state championships in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota as well as multiple Regional and Sec- tional championships and the Minnesota International cham- pionship.

He accomplished

his NRA Distinguished award in smallbore position in 1970, and 20 years later added the Civilian Marksmanship Distin- guished Rifl eman in high power

James Clawson 1948 - 2013

Jim was born on Sept. 15,

1948, to Eugene H. and Vivian E. Clawson, at St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula. He met the love of his life, Diane Winsor, on a study tour in Germany and they were married two years later on June 20, 1970,

the championships as re- cently as last summer. Over the years, Bob

Vangene (center) at a pre-Olympic camp in Minneapolis with (left to right) Eric Uptagrafft, Amanda Furrer, Jamie Gray and Michael McPhail.

using his M1 rifl e. Bob started going to the Na-

tional Matches at Camp Perry in 1966 and won the Small- bore Intermediate Senior Po- sition National Championship in 1983 and 1984. In later years, he competed in the Se- nior category in a variety of rifl e and pistol matches, usually be- ing the oldest competitor by at least 10 years. When match ri- fl es became too heavy, he took up the CMP sporter rifl e event and traveled to Camp Perry for

held a number of national records. His favorite, the smallbore metallic sight four position score of 397- 17X set both the Civilian and Open record in 1969 and continues to this day to be the high score, one of the longest standing

national records ever. He was a member of the NRA elite 1600 club for those who fi red the entire 160 shot outdoor prone match clean at a registered event. He loved marksmanship

of all kinds. Winning was im- portant to Bob, and he rarely walked away from shooting events without some kind of award even in his later years.

in Ferndale, Wash. They were mar- ried for 42 wonderful years. Shotgun shooting was some-

thing that Jim loved to do and did well. He started shooting at age 10 and grew up shooting with (and sometimes compet- ing against) his dad and brother, Gene. Along with their dad and grandfather, Jim and Gene spent countless hours practicing and

Gilbert J. Muñoz 1943 - 2013 Gilbert J. Muñoz (69) died January 29,

2013, after suffering a stroke. He was born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in Key West. He graduated from Key West HS (62) and promptly joined the Army. After enjoying jumping out of air planes and shooting guns in defense of our na- tion, Gil joined the Border Patrol. When he returned home to Key West, he en- rolled at Florida Keys Community Col- lege where he met and fell in love with Rita Johns. They married in 1967 and had two daughters. After retiring from a 30-year career with AT&T, Gil found a way to share his passion for marksman- ship by volunteering at Shepherd Spinal Center and with the Roswell High School rifl e team. His work with the kids on the rifl e team proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his life, and he came to think of his shooters as mem- bers of his family.

traveling around the country. He was the U.S. Sub-Junior National Champion in 1963, the Junior Champion of Montana for two years, the Montana State Doubles Champion for one year, and won many other titles over the years. While in the Army, he was the U.S. Inter-Service International Cham- pion in the early 1970s, partici- pated on a record-setting national

Memorial Donations

• In honor of Howard Jasper by Mary Jasper

• In honor of Chris Kyle by Jacqueline Strickland

• In honor of Jack H. Gosstrom by Lois Gosstrom

• In honor of Dick Mason by Carolyn Mason

July 2013 | USA Shooting News 7

• In honor of David M. Cantrell by Virgina Cantrell

team, and won too many other national and regional awards to count. Clawson was a member of the

Army Reserve Shooting Team for 15 years, serving as OIC during a portion of that time.

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