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What’s in Their Bag? Take a look at some of the nation’s top shooters gear and get the inside scoop on performance.

JOHN JOSS, Paralympic Rifl e National Team member

ing up there,” he says, giggling as he shows off the rest of the items he packs into a large, rolling duffl e bag. “We use that one for digging holes,” he says with a smile.

Sgt. John Joss’s (Fort Mitchell,

Ala.) name is one you’ll want to know.

Though newer to the interna-

tional shooting scene, the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (US- AMU) Paralympic rifl e shooter was recently named to the Para- lympic National Team and has already added some hardware to the medal case. He took bronze at his fi rst IPC Shooting World Cup in Antalya, Turkey where he set an IPC American record and most recently, a gold medal at the USA Shooting National Championships in 10m Air Rifl e Prone. And though Joss is no non-

sense in competition, it’s tough not to be disarmed by the 30-year-old’s charm off the fi ring line. In his offi ce at Fort Benning – home to the USAMU, one of his prosthetic legs hangs from the whiteboard behind his desk with “’’Merica” scribbled next to it. “Um, forgot my foot was hang-

BAG: “You know what, I don’t know what it’s designed for!” he says. “It’s pretty light but then as a rifl e shooter, you just have so much stuff! I almost have enough room to stuff someone in there to carry all of it! Then I have my little NRA bag here that I’ve had for a long time; I just put

all my stuff associated for the match like wrenches, butt hooks and butt plates, so much stuff. I also bring a rifl e bag inside my rifl e case for to and from the

GUN: “It’s a Feinwerkbau 800 Air Rifl e - it’s brand new and shoots pretty well. For smallbore I use an Anschutz 2013 action, square action - Nothing fancy about it except it has an AMU- shaped barrel on it. It’s a good gun and the barrel is brand new.”

SHOOTING JACKET: “The jacket I had been using is Sgt. (Armando) Ayala’s but I have a new one that’s Para-cut. De-

pending on your injury, it deter- mines how long your jacket and backrest can be. It’s shorter – but it’s pretty much the same jacket as any rifl e jacket. I’ll break it in AFTER Nationals.” Ayala trains the wound- ed warriors at the USAMU.

EVERYTHING ELSE: “I have all these boxes with vari-

match with whatever rifl e I’m us- ing at the time so I don’t have to drag a big ol’ rifl e case around.”

SHOOTING TABLE: “My shooting table, everything, fi ts right in my bag. It comes apart and nestles in that bag; kind of like one of those Rus- sian nesting dolls and then ev- erything else goes on top of it. The seat fi ts inside each of the bars so it ends up only being a few inches tall packed up.”

62 USA Shooting News | July 2013

ous sights and adjustment tools in them. This box (black box) is just full of the tools and fi ttings for the table I shoot off of. Then I take this (green box) for all my ammo; whether it be air or small- bore. Most of the time when the TSA people see it, they don’t know what to think is in it! I also pack my gloves, blinders and ev- erything else. I also normally take a picture

of Matt Rawlings (former National Team member and Joss’s coach) with me – he’s like my hero. He fi ghts all the bad monsters - I keep him in my bag and he pro- tects all of my stuff. He saw that I had one and he got mad at me and took it away from me. He keeps the gremlins off my back.”

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