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with his personality, how he’ll talk to anyone, he doesn’t see himself as any different from anybody else. Kobe Bryant? I sound like a politician but one thing that really helped my shooting is a specifi c basketball player who I absolutely HATE as a player is Kobe Bryant. I don’t like him as a person at all but I respect him. To be at his level and with everything he’s accomplished, it’s not because he had this God-given talent. He works extremely hard. I read an article about him and this reporter was following him around for the day and he got to the gym with Kobe at 6 a.m. before his teammates and he was just practicing and practicing all day, non stop, just never giving up and it got to be pretty late at night and the guy from ESPN was getting tired so he decided to go back to his hotel and Kobe is still practic- ing freethrows so the reporter decided to come back in the morning. When he came back in the morning, Kobe was there at 6 a.m. again before everybody

else. I hate him as a person but you have to respect his work ethic. That really changed how I practice because it showed me that no matter how much talent you have, it takes a lot of hard work and so when I practice, I try my absolute hardest and I don’t go out there to have fun – I go out there to train. If that’s how hard Kobe works? Then to be at his level, I kind of have to do the same thing. To be at the top of my game, I need to model it after somebody. I don’t want to be him, just emulate how he works and his level of success – even if it is two differ- ent sports.

Something people would be surprised to learn about me… I’m pretty goofy. Me and my girlfriend have some pretty weird times – she brings it out in me. For example, we dinosaur fi ght …when we’re mad at each other. We pretend that we’re dinosaurs and “fi ght it out.” That way you can’t really be mad anymore. You know how T-Rex has really short arms? You can’t be mad at someone when they’re trying

(Above) Bayer competing at this year’s Spring Selection.

to fi ght you like a dinosaur, it’s pretty hard. Advice I’d give a new shooter…

I think what most people fail to see is that you can have people coach you and it will help your learning curve but really the best coach you can have is yourself. I feel like a lot of people just expect other people to tell them how to shoot or how to get better, but they’re not going to be with you every step of the way – you’re going to need to walk on your own and know your shooting and learn from yourself. It’s easy to learn

(Below) Bayer with Double Trap fi nalists at NJOSC.

from your misses because you can see something clearly went wrong but what’s more impor- tant is learning from the targets you hit because there can be a lot of things that went wrong but you still hit the target and it’s going to affect you later.

July 2013 | USA Shooting News


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