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Recognizing Those Whom We Have Lost: Memorials at USA Shooting

Over the years, there has been a desire to recognize those of the USA Shooting family who have passed on. Such recognitions have been made through vari- ous means ranging from bricks to trees. It became apparent that guidelines were needed to pro- vide consistency to a memorial program with consideration to memorial type, location, eligibil- ity and so forth. Earlier this year, a committee was appointed to develop a policy for those desir- ing to recognize friends and fam- ily who are no longer with us. The resulting policy follows. USAS offers a formal me- morial recognition program for deceased members of the USA Shooting family to be recognized

by a memorial at the location of choice being either the Inter- national Shooting Park (ISP) or Olympic Shooting Center.

• ISP memorial design is a smaller standardized stone memorial deter- mined by USAS not to exceed 8”x18” listing the honoree’s name and dates of life. Standard design provided by the Memorial Recognition Committee.

• All ISP memorials will be placed at an appropriate location determined by USAS.

• Existing ISP memorials will be replaced by the standard designed memo-

rial at USAS expense and located in the designated area.

• Olympic Shooting Center memorials to be a plate type plaque on the 50 me- ter range fi ring line in the design currently in use for named fi ring points.

• There are no qualifi cation criteria for a memorial. Any friend, family or group may initiate a memorial for the person to be recognized.

• The memorial fee is $5,000 paid in full in ad- vance.

• The balance of a memorial contribution after monu- ment expense may be designated to the Athletes’

USA Shooting Team Identifi es White Flyer Targets As Offi cial Supplier

White Flyer Targets is now

the Offi cial Clay Target provider for the USA Shooting Team. The offi cial partnership provides a new level of support and com- mitment from the 121-year-old American company. Under the agreement, the

International Shotgun Range in Colorado Springs, Colo., will throw nothing but White Flyer Targets and will be used by U.S. Olympic Training Center resident athletes. In addition, USA Shooting sponsored events including National Champion- ships, National Junior Olympic Shotgun Championships, as well as certain Spring and Fall Selec- tion events will feature White Flyer Targets.

USA Shooting estimates that approximately 500,000 targets are thrown annually at its Inter- national Shotgun Range. “Target availability and quality are vital to the success of our shotgun program,” said Buddy DuVall, USA Shooting Team Foundation Executive Director. “We’re extremely lucky to be able to provide our team with the type of clay targets they need to continue their winning ways. White Flyer has always had a presence with USA Shoot- ing but the formation of this new partnership will have a lasting effect throughout all levels of our organization.”

Manufacturing quality clay targets from four modern plants

across the United States, White Flyer has been the shooters choice for over 100 years. White Flyer’s goal has been to always consistently provide shooters and gun clubs with targets supe- rior to any other. Available in 110mm, the new

improved White Flyer Interna- tional Target was extensively tested under actual shooting conditions to ensure superior fl ight characteristics from the moment it leaves the trap arm to the moment it explodes. Breakability which is important to all shooters has been ad- dressed – when centered this new target will “smoke.”Strong enough to be thrown the dis- tances and speeds of Interna-

tional Skeet and Bunker Trap, this target is usable on all types of automatic machines – a plus for the gun clubs. “White Flyer Targets is

extremely pleased to be the of- fi cial clay target provider for the USA Shooting Team,” said Phil Murray, National Sales Manager for White Flyer Targets. “In the past few years when our targets have been shot at World Cups and other venues, numerous world or event records have been tied or established. Our total commitment as always has been to provide the best quality target that can be made.”

Endowment or the USAS Range Improvement Fund.

To purchase a memorial at USA Shooting, please con- tact Dave Johnson at dave. or Robert Mitchell at robert.

July 2013 | USA Shooting News


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