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Olympic Revenues: Shooting Promoted From Group D to Group C

The International Olympic Committee announced a new grouping of Olympic sports for the purposes of the distribution of Olympic revenues to inter- national federations at a joint meeting of its Executive Board and that of the Association of Olympic International Federa- tions at the SportAccord conven- tion in St Petersburg in late May. Group A is the federations with the largest revenue share and Group E the group with the smaller revenues, shooting was elevated from Group D up to Group C. The new ranking of exist- ing Olympic sports for revenues share is as follows: GROUP A: Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics

GROUP B: Basketball, Cycling, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball GROUP C: Shooting, Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Judo, Rowing, Table Tennis, Weight Lifting GROUP D: Canoe/Kayak, Equestrian, Fencing, Team Handball, Field Hockey, Sailing, Taekwondo, Triathlon, Wrestling GROUP E: Modern Pentathlon, Golf, Rugby Sevens

IOC proposed to ASOIF these

new groups after evaluating sports according to six criteria. Each criteria was assigned a dif-

ferent weight: •

TV (the television audiences that each sport attracted during the games): 40

Internet (the number of in- ternet page views and so- cial media mentions): 20

• General public (favorite sports, according to a sur- vey): 15

Spectators (ticket requests in the host territory): 10

• Press (number of favorable press articles): 10

Universality (number of na- tional federations): 5

The validity of this methodol-

ogy was guaranteed by CIES, the International Center for Sports Studies in Lausanne, Switzerland as IOC authorities explained. “Shooting was previously ranked in Group D. After the last

evaluation, our sport has been moved up into Group C. This means that the efforts of the ISSF to improve its visibility on TV and Internet were successful, and that Shooting is becoming more and more popular among sports fans,” ISSF President Ole- gario Vazquez Rana said. “We welcome this positive

news with great pleasure,” Secre- tary General Franz Schreiber said. “Our aim is to keep on improving the status of Shooting on the in- ternational panorama. The ISSF is doing things right in the fi elds of management, media and pro- motion and this positive news proves it.”

Dallas Safari Club Helping USA Shooting Excel With New Commitment To Junior Shotgun Members

Fifteen junior shotgun team athletes from USA Shooting will get the chance to compete at the 2013 World Clay Target Champi- onships in Lima, Peru, this Sep- tember as a result of a grant pro- vided by the Dallas Safari Club (DSC).

The latest in a long-line of vital support and contribution provided by DSC, the grant will aid USA Shooting in getting the world’s strongest shotgun program to participate at full strength with an open and junior team capable of a heavy medal

haul in men’s and women’s skeet and trap as well as men’s double trap.

This year’s World Clay Target Championship team was se- lected during the 2013 Spring Selection Match, May 10-20 in Ft. Benning, Ga. This year’s donation to the USA Shooting Team Founda- tion is the fourth straight year in which DSC has stepped up to provide signifi cant contributions to the benefi t of USA Shooting athletes. In 2010, DSC provided fi nancial support for the junior

10 USA Shooting News | July 2013

team attending the 2012 World Shooting Championships in Mu- nich, Germany, and helped lead the team to 14 overall medals including two individual titles, and one team gold medal. DSC is an international leader in conservation, educa- tion and hunter advocacy. Most members of the current USA Shooting Team are active hunters and anglers, blending a passion for the outdoors with winning on the world stage. “Our ongoing support for America’s Olympic hopefuls is a

genuine source of pride for our members and our entire orga- nization,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director. “We’re proud to help these fi ne young ambas- sadors pursue their dreams and represent our country while fl ying the fl ag for outdoor and sporting lifestyles.”

DSC sponsorships are recip-

rocated by shooting team mem- bers assisting with DSC conven- tions,

youth education events, public exhibits and more.

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