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SAFETY VEST WITH UNIQUE EDGE New designs in modern workwear are essential to reduce accidents and incidents and make workplaces a safer environment for all. The development of the new British designed ID Safe Viz vest came from witnessing an incident on site where an operative was injured wearing a traditional vest that got caught up in a wire brush attachment on a grinder.

away section to avoid loose material that can be caught up when worn by operatives or a potential hot works hazard. A removable patch can also be fitted to the rear of the vest with Velcro strips for Identification Numbers (such as site induction numbers).

This innovative new vest has been designed to be closer fitting with a front cut

A fully registered design that has been rigorously tested and conforms to BS EN 471, the ID Safe Viz is proven to reduce snagging by up to 40% and costs no more than standard high visibility vests. Safe Viz


AND WALLETS Hochiki Europe’s new FIREscape® emergency lighting system is an EN50172 compliant, intelligent, low voltage system which utilises light emitting diode (LED) technology and provides a unique, highly cost-effective, and energy efficient solution. FIREscape comprises an addressable emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up, and features addressable, self- contained LED luminaires and signage connected via low voltage (40V) cabling. The luminaires are also

equipped with battery back- up, making sure they will function in every situation.

The LED technology the system uses is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly – in fact, it produces less than 5% of the carbon emissions of fluorescent lighting. The system has been designed to be very low maintenance and its long life LED technology means that it requires less than 5% of the lamp changes needed with traditional lighting.

Hochiki carried out a comparison of its own

ARMACELL UK BRINGS SELF SEAL INSULATION TO OLDHAM The self-adhesive tube version of leading elastomeric pipe insulation product, Class O Armaflex, is now being manufactured and supplied directly from Armacell’s UK plant in Oldham. New production lines and expertise have

been brought in-house for applying the self-adhesive strips and tapes to ensure greater control over quality, stock levels and lead-times for future supplies. Bringing the production to Oldham has also led to an increase in the local production team

by four in order to carry out the new processes.

The Class O Armaflex Self Seal is ideal for applications where working space is restricted, with Class O Armaflex Self Seal easily applied to existing pipework by simply fitting

the tube onto the pipe, peeling back the protective covering strips from the self adhesive tapes and pressing the seams firmly together to achieve a dirt/ moisture proof seal. 15

FIREscape system compared to traditional manual test systems and identified all the costs associated with each on a 1,000 luminaire system. It factored in maintenance labour, battery replacement, testing labour, recycling costs, energy use and initial capital outlay and found that over a 10-year period, the Hochiki system could save users a massive £184,885, with a CO2

29.5 tonnes.

Limited see the product as a future workwear frontrunner and are now actively looking at routes to market for the product with both retailers and end users.

e reduction of over

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