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A Mid-Season Report I

t seems like just a few days ago that we spoke about the beginning of the NCGA tournament season. During those perceived few days nearly three months have transpired. The NCGA championships and events department has hosted nearly 270 tournament days for its membership with more than 185 remaining. The Team Match pro-

gram, one of our largest, is off to a successful start with 215 teams competing on Thursdays and Saturdays from Hanford to Redding and from the Pacific Coast to the Sierra Mountains. I have fond memories of the many Saturdays that I competed with my friends at Fort Washington and traveled to the local matches at Belmont, Sunnyside, Madera, Kings River, Kings, Copper River and Visalia Country Clubs. Playing friendly club competition with golf as a conduit to meeting new people, and engaging members of other clubs in their areas, con- tinue to make the program a successful one. The team captains and professional staffs at each of the partici- pating clubs are instrumental in ensuring that the program succeeds. We owe them a sincere thank you for the time they give to make it possible for the members of their clubs to compete. We are excited to host the Team Match Championship at Carmel Valley Ranch this


Championships and Events


Black Horse (pictured) and Bayonet host the Junior Tour of Northern California’s Tour Championship.

year. It is a challenging, well- manicured and unique venue for this event. The champi- onship has been traditionally held at Poppy Hills, which is currently closed because of the renovation project. The Zone Championship

season is nearly complete and the staff is pleased to report that we have had a slight increase in the number of competing teams. The overwhelming discussion point with participants has been the quality of golf and the great overall experience at both Del Monte Golf Course and Quail Lodge. We are extremely pleased to announce those venues as hosts for the zone program again in 2014.

The 102nd California

Amateur Championship recently completed at Mon- terey Peninsula Country Club will be remembered by all who participated as one of the strongest fields in recent history on two of the finest golf courses in the world. Many thanks to the membership at MPCC for allowing the champion- ship to be held there. The

California Golf Association directors and staff also can- not give enough thanks to the staff at MPCC, led by General Manager Michael Bowhay, Head Golf Profes- sional David Vivolo and Golf Course Superintendent Bob Zoller. Their efforts made it a very special week. Lastly, congratula- tions to champion Cory McElyea, who qualified and played in the U.S. Open at Merion the week before the tournament, and then competed for six days before hoisting the Edward B. Tufts Championship Trophy on Saturday. The CGA announced that the 2014 championship will be held at La Costa Resort near San Diego and that it will return in 2015 to Lake Merced Golf Club in San Francisco where it was last held in 2009. The Junior Tour of

Northern California summer season will end with the Tour Championship held at Bayonet/Black Horse Golf Courses. We are excited to bring the Junior Tour to the

Championships and Events

Seaside resort. Both courses are of cham- pionship quality and feature marvelous views of Monterey Bay. The fall season begins a new points year as a number of Junior Tour play- ers will leave the tour because of high school graduation. The JTNC is a partnership between the NCGA and the Northern California Section of the PGA. Both organizations are extremely thankful to have Capital Insurance Group of Monterey as

the tour’s primary sponsor. CIG has supported junior golf in Northern Califor- nia for many years and its support of the JTNC has en- abled growth in the number of events offered in the last few years. Cleveland/Srixon Golf joined the Junior Tour for the first time in 2013 as a sponsor and its contribution is also greatly appreciated. My time in the po- sition of director of championships and

events will come to an end on Aug. 1 with Ryan Gregg replacing me. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. I have appreciated the oppor- tunity and am grateful to the department staff members who have been extremely supportive of my efforts. I would also like to thank the tournament official volun- teers for always being there when help was needed. Ryan is excited for the opportunity and is the right person for the job. I look forward to my continuing efforts with the Junior Tour, and anything else that Ryan wishes me to help with. Thank you.

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