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I wish I’d written… Lucy Coats chooses the perfect reimagined fairytale.

I was the annoying child who asked: ‘But what were Cinderella’s ugly sisters really like?’ Fairytales always frustrated me, because, inevitably, I wanted to know more about what made the characters in them tick. So when I first read Robin McKinley’s Rose Daughter, I heaved a happy sigh which came coupled with a severe case of writing envy.

For me it's the perfect reimagined fairytale, because it takes the sparse framework of the original story and fills it with the sort of intimate and intricate detail which gives me immense pleasure both as a reader

Good Reads Clarice Bean Spells

Trouble Lauren Child, Orchard Books, 9781843628583, £5.99 pbk

What a great title – Clarice Bean Spells Trouble! And there are another two books in the series! As soon as I read the title, I needed to read more. Once I picked it up I couldn’t stop!

It’s about a girl called Clarice who has a sister and two brothers. Clarice also lives with her mum, dad and granddad. Her best friend is Betty. Both her and Betty have a fictional role model called Ruby Redfort (who now appears in another book by the same author).

This book is about friendship and facing down your fears. I like the fact that Clarice is so like me because she is rubbish at spellings – and it’s funny how one of the only words she can spell rinoosurus...rhinoceros?


I think it’s suitable for all age groups, and if you don’t mind funny books with some upsets in the middle then this book is for you!

Aoife Pattie (10) The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, 9781407109084, £7.99 pbk

The Hunger Games - where to start? It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It’s packed full of gruesome , loving and frightful moments . It’s about Katniss Everdeen, a 16- year-old girl who lives with her mother and sister, Prim. When Prim is chosen to compete in the hunger games she has no choice but to step forward and take her place, although she knows she’s basically signing up for

Aoife Pattie Ruby Arbon Ellis

her death sentence. Along with Peeta, the other person from Katniss’ district she competes against 23 other people to see if she can be the last one standing. Oh and did I mention, there’s only one rule - kill or be killed... So can she do it? Can she be the champ? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I’d highly recommend this book to

confident readers who don’t mind a bit of gruesome and gore. It’s one of the most gripping books I’ve ever read and I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages, which is why I strongly recommend it.

Ruby Arbon Ellis (9) Ratburger

David Walliams, HarperCollins Children’s Books, 978000745352, £12.99 hbk

This is one of the funniest books ever, by the amazing David Walliams. He has impressed me once again, and I hope he does the same for you. The book is suitable for anyone over 9, as in some parts it is a bit gruesome...

Zoe is an ordinary girl who lives in an ordinary flat and goes to an ordinary school. Somehow her hamster mysteriously dies; so her dream of appearing with him in a circus act is over. But you couldn’t just give up a dream, could you? So

18 Books for Keeps No.199 March 2013 Ellen Slack Kavi Thandi

when Zoe finds a new pet they start rehearsals immediately; however, the species may not be appreciated...

Join Zoe while she finds the secret of Burt – and read whether she and her dad will get pulverised!

Read on to find out more!

Bargain; a voucher* for a free burger at Burts comes with the book! (*Expires 1986)

Ellen Slack (11)

Who Could That Be At This Hour (All the

Wrong Questions) Lemony Snicket, Egmont Books, 978-1405256216, £8.99 hbk

This is a great book for independent readers, especially the ones that enjoy mysteries – because this book is full of them! It starts with a thirteen year old boy called Lemony Snicket who goes with his chaperone (S. Theodora Markson) to a very small town called Stained by the Sea. Not many people live at Stained by the Sea – in fact only twenty! Lemony and his chaperone are looking for a statue called ‘The Bombinating Beast’, and are assigned to go to a big mansion. When they get inside they are told by an old lady that the ‘Bombinating Beast’ is stolen, and there the mission begins!

I enjoyed reading this book because Imogen Hartland-Ord

it was interesting, and it made me laugh. And now, all you have to do is read it yourself. I hope you like it as much as I did.

Kavi Thandi (9) My Naughty Little

Sister Dorothy Edwards, Egmont, 9781405249058, £5.99. pbk

My Naughty Little Sister is written from a six year old girl’s perspective and she bases her stories on her four year old sister. The girl takes you through various stories and adventures of what her younger stubborn sister gets up to. You can never put this book down because it constantly intrigues you because of her mischievousness and adventures, which are sometimes along with her best friend ‘Bad Harry’.

I especially like this book because I feel it could be read by a wide range of ages; I also like it because it never fails to make you laugh! I think the front and back cover perfectly represent the story of her life and the adventures she gets up to!

Imogen Hartland-Ord (9)

Thanks to Richard Smith, Deputy Head Teacher.

and as a writer. Rose Daughter answers all the questions I ever thought to ask - and some I didn't. The writing is rich and succulent and the landscape described in such a vivid way that I can almost smell and touch it. Beauty herself is my sort of heroine - feisty, independent, and just a bit quirky. There’s love, sorrow and a joyously happy ending - but most of all Rose Daughter gives me, every single time I read it, a warm and satisfied glow in the pit of my stomach. As a writer, I can think of no finer achievement to aim for.

Rose Daughter (978-0441005833) by Robin McKinley is published by Avon Books, £5.99 pbk. Lucy Coat’s latest book, Bear’s Best Friend, ill. Sarah Dyer (978-1408827260) is published by Bloomsbury, £5.99 pbk.

Chosen by Trafalgar Junior School Readers and Writers Club, Trafalgar Junior School, Twickenham, Middlesex.

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