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5 DECEMBER: BARCELONA, SPAIN Yeraldina, a 28-year-old Panamanian woman, was arrested when police became concerned about her behaviour after she disembarked an Avianca flight. When searched, she was found to have blood- soaked bandages around her chest, so she was sent to hospital where surgeons removed 1.8kg of cocaine that had been surgically implanted into her breasts.

11 DECEMBER: URUMQI, XINJIANG, CHINA Musa Yvsup, Arxidikali Yimin, and Eyumer Yimin were sentenced to death for their role in the attempted hijacking of a Tianjin Airlines flight in June 2012. They were found guilty of trying to hijack the aircraft and detonate explosives on board. A fourth hijacker, Alem Musa, was given a life sentence. The other two (of the six) hijackers died of their injuries in hospital after they had been overpowered by passengers and crew during the incident. The men had bypassed security by acting as disabled passengers and concealing explosives in their crutches.

17 DECEMBER: BANGALORE, INDIA Raquib Ahmed Dar, 30, was arrested for multiple thefts during his journey from Srinagar to Bangalore, via New Delhi. He had stolen another passenger's mobile phone on the SpiceJet flight he was flying for the first leg of his journey. In Delhi, he picked up the checked baggage of a woman who had arrived from Imphal. Then, before boarding a Jet Airways flight, he stole a laptop from a food court manager and finally, once on board the flight, he stole another passenger's laptop.


6 DECEMBER: ZHENGZHOU, CHINA Zhou Anwei, 23, was arrested and confessed to making false threats against a China Southern Airlines flying from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou on 1 December.

7 DECEMBER: JFK, NEW YORK Felix Pena, 27, was arrested after 26 stun guns were found in his baggage before his flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


S. Erramilli, 45, was convicted of groping a woman on a Southwest flight in June 2011. He had previously been

convicted of sexually

assaulting other women on flights in both 1999 and 2002.

14 DECEMBER: HONG KONG An Egyptian passenger who was arrested at Chek Lap Kok Airport on 28 November, and who initially claimed diplomatic immunity due to his links with the Egyptian consulate in Hong Kong, was charged with smuggling stun guns and tear gas.

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The actor Bronson Pelletier, 25, was arrested for urinating in public at the airport after having been removed from a plane for his unruly behaviour.


An intoxicated British passenger was arrested when he opened a secure door, exited the terminal building and walked onto the ramp at 0130. He then allegedly jumped into a car and drove it across the airport’s runways before eventually being arrested.

26 DECEMBER: ORLANDO, FLORIDA Hyunjoo Kim was arrested after she allegedly slapped a TSA officer when she became upset about having to undergo a pat-down search.

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