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Scrap Metal Bill gets thumbs up

Geraldine Faulkner Editor

Treating hazardous waste at source

Find out about a thermal processing system that treats 'difficult' materials and transforms them into an inert product which can be used on building sites.

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THE PASSAGE of the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill through the House of Lords Committee Stage has been welcomed by members of the scrap metal and waste industries. Following the

government's ban on cash payments for scrap metal in December under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act 2012, the revised bill proposes tougher licensing and enforcement to tackle metal theft. Ian Hetherington,

I, Robot: Sorting out sharps containers

How a medical waste disposal specialist reduces the number of needlestick injuries when dealing with overfilled sharps containers.

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director general of the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), said: "It is imperative that the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill is passed as quickly as possible to improve regulation in the metals recycling industry and fight metal theft. "As the legislation

currently stands, some metal traders - such as motor vehicle salvage operators - are exempt from the changes brought in under the LASPO Act, which leaves an unfair playing field. The Scrap Metal Dealers Bill hopes to eradicate these issues by closing off the loopholes and putting a robust regulatory framework in place to back it up." The LASPO Act made it

Is the planning system hindering UK recovery?

Are initiatives by the recycling aggregates industry being thwarted by planners? A sector specialist gives his view.

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an offence from December 3, 2012 for anyone to buy scrap metal for cash or by any form of payment other than a crossed cheque or electronic money transfer under the existing Scrap Metal Dealers Act. This applies to traditional scrap yards as well as 99% of itinerant collectors who collect waste materials including scrap metal.

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Service without boundaries Steve Lee, chief executive,

CIWM told RWW: “We welcome the more robust approach to identification requirements and the local authority licensing scheme that has been proposed, as well as stronger enforcement powers for the police and councils. "It will be critical,

however, that those tasked with licensing and enforcement are adequately resourced to deliver these functions. “Effective monitoring and

enforcement will also be facilitated by the creation of a national register of scrap metal dealers across the UK, It is important that they are brought into force as soon as possible. This is a good piece of legislation,” added Lee. Nicola Guest at Alchemy

Metals echoed Lee's approval. “All merchants will need to hold and display a scrap

metal dealers licence and the Environment Agency will hold a national register of dealers. Police and councils will also have the power for the first time to close unlicensed premises. “With the safe passage

of the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill, Parliament has shown that they take metal theft seriously. "The new Bill succeeds

in providing a forceful and effective legislative framework to deliver our industry into the 21st century allowing legitimate business to thrive and metal theft to be effectively tackled,” continued Guest. The revised Scrap Metal

Dealers Bill is expected to return to the House of Lords for the final time in February and should receive the Royal Assent in May, ready to be implemented in early October.

UNEP unveils food waste campaign

SIMPLE ACTIONS by consumers and food retailers can dramatically cut the 1.3bn tonnes of food lost or wasted each year and help shape a sustainable future, according to a new global campaign to cut food waste launched this week by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and partners. The Think.Eat.Save.

Reduce Your Foodprint campaign specifically targets food wasted by consumers, retailers and the hospitality industry, and harnesses the expertise of organisations such as WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme). The campaign website,

( aims

to provide a platform for those running campaigns to exchange ideas and create a global culture of sustainable consumption of food. For consumers there is

‘Shop Smart’ whereby people are encouraged to plan meals, use shopping lists, avoid impulse buys and not to succumb to "marketing tricks" that lead people to buy more food than they need. Among suggestions,

proposed actions for retailers and the hospitality industry include carrying out waste audits and product loss analysis for high waste areas; working with suppliers to reduce waste; offering discounts for near-expiration items; redesigning product displays with less excess and increasing food donations.

Valpak reappointed to run WEEE DTS

VALPAK RETAILWEEE Services has been reappointed to administer the distributor take back scheme (DTS) under the UK WEEE Regulations from January 2013 until December 2016. Retailers will still have the option not to offer take back of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in store, but instead to contribute to a fund which aims to reduce the amount of WEEE being disposed of in landfill. The new phase 3 of the DTS will continue to provide for a


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project fund which will be available to local authorities to apply for grants to support WEEE collection projects. Further details of the project fund will be provided later in 2013. The scheme is now open for registration (Further details are available on the website Retailers wishing to join must complete registration for phase 3 by February 21, 2013.

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