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63013 FIRST SEEN: Portraits of the World’s Peoples 1840- 1880

by Kathleen Stewart Howe These photos from the Wilson Centre for Photography are totally mind-numbing. They offer a map of the human world in the mid-19th



New Illustrated Edition Introduced

by Dr Warren Boutcher An exquisitely produced 9½” x 12" quality hardback with colourful, smallish type but best of all pre-Raphaelite, rich glowing colourful illustrations from the

Bridgeman Art Library illustrating the text from the entire sonnets and poems, comedies and romances, histories and tragedies of William Shakespeare. In flamboyant detail, Shakespeare brought to life the history and mythology of the world with 38 plays, over 150 exquisite sonnets, and a number of fine long poems. By 1594, he played an active part in The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, with leading actors of the day William Kempe and Richard Burbage. The troupe became a royal and popular favourite, establishing a tradition of theatrical entertainment and which brought him part ownership of the group plus The Globe theatre, allowing him to retire in some comfort to Stratford in 1611, five years before his death. In 1623 the most authoritative collection of his plays, The First Folio was gathered together by two of his companions from The King’s Men, John Heminges and Henry Condell. This new illustrated edition is based on their collection and many subsequent skilled editors to bring the Complete Works of Shakespeare to a modern audience. With over 100 beautiful paintings and hundreds of woodcuts and engravings. 464pp. Highly recommended. £30 NOW £14



by Charles Dickens Just before Christmas 1843, Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol which we have been reading and watching over and again ever since. In his foreword Quentin Blake says that what is extraordinary about the

book, especially for the illustrator, is the variety and unexpectedness of the scenes it contains. ‘In essence this is just a story about a mean, crotchety employer and his underpaid clerk; but in Dickens’ hand it takes on the characteristics of a ghost story, a dream, and sometimes those pantomimes and theatre shows that he loved so much.’ Encounter again the amazing spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future and enjoy an almost surrealistic series of scenes of winters past and Christmases far away. Ebenezer Scrooge, Marley’s Ghost, as we remember the old miser who does not believe in charity, good humour, love and especially Christmas, and makes life a misery for those around him. But everything changes when one night after a series of terrifyingly ghostly visitations, Scrooge learns what he must do to make his life truly worth while. Quentin Blake’s witty, colourful and festive illustrations brilliantly capture the spirit of Christmas. With short biography on Blake, colour and pen and ink drawings throughout these large lavish, glossy pages. Abridged. 150pp with gold blocking and textured cover in a lovely gift edition. For ages eight to adult. £12.99 NOW £7

71337 MINI WATCH BIBLE: Volume One

by Gunter Segers Mechanical watches are more popular than ever because they make a statement, an expression of style, beauty and class.

Here is a magical and unique overview of high class

watch making today, a tremendously heavy block of a book which devotes each full page to a close up colour photograph of each featured time piece in A-Z order by manufacturer from Alpina to Zenith, by way of the Rolex, the Omega, the Mont Blanc, Jaeger, Cartier, Breitling and other highly desirable timepieces. Some are exquisitely beautiful like the Cartier watch with panda motif encrusted in diamonds or the more manly Clipper Chronograph by Hermes. A luxury book organised by luxury brand complete with websites, 432pp.

£17.95 NOW £7.50

71474 AN IRISH CHRISTMAS FEAST: The Best of John B. Keane by John B. Keane

52 Christmas stories laced with classic Keane blarney. Drawing on the rich folk culture of County Kerry, Keane brings new life to old customs with enough good cheer to warm the heart throughout the long winter nights. He revisits the Christmases celebrated by

characters like Dotie Tupper and Johnny Naile, the deaf Canon Cornelius Coodle, the amiable spendthrift Aenias Mackson and Hiccups O’Reilly, who disappears one Christmas Eve and is gone for seven years. Whether recounting The Miracle of Bally Bradawn, The Great Christmas Raid at Bally Booley, The Magic Stoolin, The Fourth Wise Man or The Last Christmas Eve of the 20th Century, Keane is a delightful witness to his eccentric corner of Ireland. One to dip into by the fireside in this handsome reprint. 415pp. $24.95 NOW £6


World of Inventors by Nancy Honovich Build an intercom system modelled on Bell’s telephone with the 12 plastic pieces included at the back of the book to build a working intercom system with its 20 foot wire. It comes in black plastic and silver and is designed for ages eight to adult. This is two intercom phones, 20 feet of connecting wire and a talk button. The 40 page book built into the pack explains Morse code and speedier communications, the Bell family, early experiments into making a speaking machine, experiments with sound, forming a team, how his early

telephones worked and how the world embraced the telephone. Plus a look at Bell’s flying machine and instructions on how to be an inventor like Bell to make your own kite and pop-bottle boat. With full assembly instructions. Requires six AAA batteries (not included). $21.95 NOW £7.50

71339 SPANISH SPLENDOR: Palaces, Castles and

Country Houses by Juan José Junquera Y Mato

Our Annie’s favourite this month! From Aragón, Galicia and the Basque region in the north to the central cities of Madrid and Toledo, and from the fabled Andalucian cities of Seville and Granada in the south to the Catalan capital Barcelona, over 30 enchanting and historically significant properties are visited. The thresholds of several grand villas in and around the city of Palma de Mallorca are also featured and each is valued for

its structure, interior arrangement and reflection of its distinctive climatic conditions and cultural influences of its locale. The history of each property, its owners, architects, decorators and landscapers accompanies the

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lovely colour photographs and façades, interiors and gardens, furnishings,

century, in all its dazzling variety and complexity. This extraordinary collection, made in roughly the first three decades following the invention of photography by gifted amateurs and commissioned professionals as well as visiting and indigenous photographers, comprises the first known photographs of peoples and races, of all classes, ranks and castes, ethnic and tribal types - the criminal, the ill, the picturesque - on nearly every continent. They are represented at work, in their environments, in their homes and in their celebrations. Organised into larger thematic groups, they reveal the common threads of human societies and human curiosity. Here are a daguerreotype of a Borneo tribesman, and the first images of the people of Madagascar and the ordinary people of Egypt. Here are a Zulu Shaman, a Fakir from Hyderabad and a Holy Man, all of them to our eyes rather terrifying. 206 large format pages with notes, 161 colour plates and nine reference illustrations, with chronology.


by David Saunders Here, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth, is the ultimate, ground-breaking book on one of the greatest and most prolific illustrators of the 20th century, a man whose artistic contribution to American popular culture grows ever more impressive in retrospect. He was the legendary

painting and sculpture collections on view. The Islamic influence is evident in the Court of Myrtles which closely resembles the Alhambra’s Nazarí style. We can take a peep inside the courtyards, sumptuously appointed and regally decorated rooms with fine floor tiles, sumptuous carpets, elegant drapes, stucco details, libraries adorned with antique books and tapestries, Gothic tracery on staircases and railings, magnificent sea views, olive groves, a stunning book-lined mezzanine we are quite jealous of on page 115 in the house of Bartolomé March and thousands of other doors opening into a style and way of life which is magnificent to behold. A very sumptuous 420 page tome, 12" square, hundreds of colour photos and published by Beaux Arts Editions. £55 NOW £16

70890 PARKY’S

PEOPLE: The Lives, The Laughs, The Legend

by Michael Parkinson From 1971 to 2007, Parky through his perceptive on- screen interviews has introduced millions of people to the personalities of major international figures in sport, showbiz, politics, the arts and journalism - drawing fascinating new information and insights from even the

most frequently interviewed subjects like Peter Ustinov, David Niven and Stephen Fry. He has been faced with extreme embarrassment in the form of a very drunk Veronica Lake, fought off the advances of a persistent Emu and winkled out hitherto hidden mysteries in the backgrounds of the most reticent star guests such as Fred Astaire and Ingrid Bergman plus Henry Kissinger, sportsmen Muhammad Ali and David Beckham and great comics of the status of Morecambe and Wise. A joy from beginning to end. 485 paperback pages with colour and b/w photos, chronological list of Michael Parkinson’s guests. £8.99 NOW £4.50

71211 SPY MASTER: Book and Gadgets by Top That! Publishing

Have you got what it takes to be a super spy? Covering spy history, technology, intelligence agencies, ciphers and codes, pigpen codes, the cyrillic text, zigzag cipher, code words and Morse code, build up your own Strictly

Confidential personnel file and take on secret missions following the secret dossiers in

the 48 page softback. The kit comes with cool spy gadgets, a decoder card, real compass, secret marker, developer marker, passport, foldaway binoculars, fold up magnifying glass, and best of all for your disguise, a stick on moustache and black sunglasses! Also a torch pen which requires two AAA batteries (not included). Suit ages eight to very silly adult. £19.99 NOW £7

Shaken, not stirred Fifty years of Bond, James Bond


edited by Paul Duncan “Bond, James Bond.” Since Sean Connery uttered those immortal words in 1962, the

most dashing secret agent in the history of cinema has been charming and thrilling audiences worldwide. This impeccably British character created by author Ian Fleming has starred in 23 EON-produced films, played by six different actors over five decades. To celebrate 50 years of this innovative franchise, EON Productions opened their archives of photos, designs, storyboards, and production materials to editor Paul Duncan, who spent two years researching over one million images and 100 filing cabinets of documentation. The result is the most complete account of the making of the series, covering every James Bond film ever made, beginning with Dr. No (1962) and ending with Skyfall (2012), including the spoof Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983). The stunning imagery is accompanied by an oral history recounted by over 150 cast and crew members, relating the true inside story of how the Bond films were made. Containing previously unpublished photography and artwork, as well as production memos from filming, this book is a comprehensive tribute to the legend of James Bond. Among the 1,100 images are many previously unseen stills, on-set photos, memos, documents, storyboards, posters, and designs, plus unused concepts, and alternative designs. Behind-the-scenes stories from the people who were there: producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, production designers, special effects technicians, stuntmen, and other crew members. Special bonus included with the first print run of the book only: an original strip of film from Dr. No. Hardcover with film strip, 16.2 x 11.8 in., 600 pages. New from Taschen this month.

ONLY £135


Contents - see page 2 CATALOGUE NO. 307 DEC 2012

illustrator of Mars Attacks, Batman and countless Men’s Adventure Magazines, paperbacks and Sci-Fi. His unique artistic vision endured through a century of changing fashions and continues to inspire artists today. This is the world’s first book to present his finest paintings in ravishing reproductions. The artist’s son has written an insightful biography, seasoned with quotes from the artist and his associates, chronicling the frontier childhood and training of an illustrator who rose to the top of his profession and then spent World War II in China painting travel sketches. When Norman Saunders defied the corporate forces of conformity during the McCarthy era, he was relegated to an underground world of subculture publishing, where he painted countless icons for Pre-code Comics and Bubble Gum Trading Cards, until his happy rediscovery by fans in his twilight years. 368 pages 24cm x 31cm in absolutely dazzling colour with over 880 (yes, you read that correctly!) illustrations, of which more than 300 are from original art, including 30 working drawings and 30 reference photos, as well as 30 historic family photos and checklists of all published works. $39.95 NOW £16

69743 SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO.: The Best of 1905-1910 Collectibles

edited by Leslie Parr, Andrea Hicks and Marie Stareck

Take a hundred-year excursion into the past, to a time when all your wishes and whims could be found within the pages of a Sears,

Roebuck & Co. catalogue. Whether you lived in Manhatten, New York, or Manhatten, Kansas, a new camera, a grand piano and even the latest medical supplies were only a mail order away with your catalogue. Florida Water, Liquid Skin, hammer-less revolvers, bankers’ shears, travelling bags, bridging telephones, and the Acme Triumph Six-Hole Steel Range (which was “The Wonder of the Stove World” according to the ad copy) could all be had for reasonable prices. In this compilation of the best collectibles from 1905 through to 1910 editions of Sears catalogues, readers will find everything the early 20th century American needed to outfit the home, office, medicine chest, or craft workshop. A useful resource for artists, antiques dealers and history buffs, this title is certain to make any reader feel nostalgic for simpler times. From the department introductions and the descriptions of Sears’ warehouses and factories to the hundreds of merchandise-filled pages, there are treasures on every page. Chunky softback with over 15,000 black and white illustrations. £17.95 NOW £7

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