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60 is the total credits you require for your course. The minimum you must have for semester one is 10 credits in your specialism and 15 credits in the other two subjects. This will depend on your subject choice as some modules will be core (compulsory) and will appear automatically for you and some will be optional, you must choose these yourself. Your specialism will automatically be selected for you.

Subjects on offer will appear on this screen.

You can only choose modules that you have passed completely.

The following WILL NOT appear on this list Psychological Studies, Legal Studies, Mathematics (Honours), you must be offered and accept a place on these subjects. If you are eligible to take any of these subjects the

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If you click the ‘Start over button’ any subjects you have chosen will be deleted. Only use if you want to change your selection

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Note: email if you are experiencing difficulties

Registration team will put them up for you when you register.

You CANNOTtake a subject that you have passed by compensation (PBC) or failed a part of such as CT112 in Information Technology or the language element in French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Gaeilge.

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