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RESIN SOLUTION Dorset Piddle, a successful real ale brewery situated in Doncaster, has recently moved to larger premises where Altro’s newest polyurethane resin flooring, AltroGripTM

PU, has been used alongside AltroCreteTM to meet two extremely different production needs.

Set on the old Piddlehinton army camp a few miles outside Dorchester, Dorset Piddle was started in 2007 by entrepreneurs Rob Martin and Paul Goldsack. With demand for their beer outstripping production, Dorset Piddle needed to find larger premises. So, in the summer of last year, they moved.

Because of the nature of the brewing process, two types of resin flooring needed to be installed in their new brewery; a hard wearing, slip resistant floor for the 100m2

warehouse that could

withstand heavy machinery and barrels, and for the rest of the brewery, a resin floor that could perform in temperatures in excess of 80ºC


Adrian Saxby, Director of Industrial Flooring Solutions, which installed the Altro flooring, explained the job: “The warehouse of the brewery is in constant use, so it needs a flooring solution that is tough, safe underfoot and which won’t be damaged by metal barrels or machinery. The new AltroGripTM

PU is ideal for

this environment because it’s specifically designed for industrial applications such as food and drink production, where durability, safety and hygiene are essential.”

AltroGrip PU is a 4mm, polyurethane resin that offers excellent chemical resistance to organic acids. It incorporates a hard-


wearing quartz aggregate and uses AltroFlowTM

, which

makes it very easy to install. Designed for flat floors, AltroGripTM


satisfies EU and UK food-hygiene legislation, has a 10-year warranty and comes in five colours.

“The surface of the concrete warehouse floor was quite rough, so after preparation we applied a scratch-coat of AltroprimeTM

PU Excel

up to 120ºC mixed with fine

aggregates to create a smoother base for the resin,” Adrian continued. “We then applied the self- smoothing coat of the AltroGripTM

PU with a pin

rake, followed by a bed of quartz aggregate. We came back the next day to brush off any residue aggregate and apply a second layer of the liquid resin. It’s a very easy product to apply and the finish is great.”

Throughout the rest of the brewery, Adrian’s team laid AltroCreteTM

PU Excel, a 5 to

9mm textured polyurethane screed for heavy-duty areas of potential spillage, which can withstand high temperatures. “The brewery uses liquids of up to 80ºC, so AltroCreteTM

PU Excel was

the perfect solution because it’s been developed to perform at temperatures of

at 8mm

thickness,” Adrian added. The flooring also offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance, so it’s really tough and it complies with all necessary standards for taint-free installation and hygienic performance. The resin flooring has been used alongside Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding to provide a durable, hard wearing and easy to clean flooring and walling solution.

Dorset Piddle Co-Owner, Rob Martin, is delighted with his new premises: “With the new site fully up and running we have room to spread ourselves out and we’ve really stepped up production. We’re now producing 10,000 pints of beer a week, whereas before we were only doing that during the busy summer season. The floors in both the warehouse and the brewery look superb and

are performing very well. They may look similar, but they have very different properties that are essential to each process. The warehouse floor is able to take a great deal of abuse from barrels, and has a non- slip surface to ensure safety for our workforce.

“In the brewing areas, the high temperature of liquids, plus the caustic cleaning materials we use, means the floor has to be able to withstand a lot, while still looking good and being safe underfoot. I’ve had very positive feedback from the staff who all say that the floors are great surfaces to work on,” Martin continued. “Overall, we are delighted with the Altro floors.”

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